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“Thousand Things” by Marco Taggiasco featuring Andrea Sanchini!


Marco Taggiasco mostly works as arranger, producer and songwriter.
He began to play organ at age 16, self-teaching harmony and music theory. Soon he started to gig around with his own bands, playing electric piano back in the late 70s and 80s. Combos included horns and percussion and featured some of the best session players from the italian scene. The sound was an orchestral kind of fusion somehow recalling Crusaders and Bob James stuff, with an original-songs based repertoire. In the 90s he concentrated his activity in the studio, working as arranger and producer for singers and eventually as bandleader for their live acts. His works also include arranging for big bands and writing music for theatre and short movies.

At the end of the 90s he released the promo EP titled “Four Love Ballads”, containing 4 songs written and produced in a classical adult contemporary style, to let publishers know about the songs. It still can be ordered through the artist’s website.

In the 2000s Marco met Andrea Sanchini, a young male vocalist and songwriter. Marco was impressed by his soulful and expressive voice and asked him to sing some of his songs. Hearing Sanchini’s own songs, he decided to produce them and put everything on a record. “Thousand Things” soon gained good reviews on the most important adult contemporary and westcoast music sites worldwide, becoming sort of a little cult item in Japan and Northern Europe. It also earned compliments from music giants such as multi-platinum producer Eumir Deodato as well as from adult contemporay artists like singer/songwriter Eric Tagg.

A DVD release "Live at Circeo" will be available through Marco's site on DVD-R, PAL format. It will include eleven songs and a bonus for a total time of one hour show.

“I really didn’t expect such a feedback” Marco says “I arranged and recorded the songs with no commercial boundaries, not worring about formats or trends, but soon we had to reprint the album cause the little stock went sold out! So we decided to promote it with concerts, ending up with the making of a DVD this past summer. Real big fun!”.

“Thousand Things” Tracklist:
1. Never too late (for love)
2. Thousand things
3. Fool for love
4. Angel of august
5. Burning for you
6. Ain.t that enough
7. Hangin on tomorrow


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