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I Remember When I Was Young - Songs From The Great Australian Songbook by John Farnham


The one and only John Farnham (LRB) is back with 'I Remember When I Was Young, Songs From The Great Australian Songbook'. The album is a collection of Australian classics that John has recorded to form an 'Australian songbook' - interpretations of songs that were written and performed by Australian artists over the last 40 years.

Produced by John and his long-time producer, Ross Fraser, 'I Remember When I Was Young: Songs From The Great Australian Songbook' features 13 timeless Australian titles including 'Come Back Again' (Ross Wilson), 'I Remember When I was Young' (Matt Taylor), 'Reckless' (James Reyne), 'Even When I'm Sleeping' (Leonardo's Bride), 'Girls On the Avenue' (Richard Clapton) and 'No Aphrodisiac' (The Whitlams).

"There was only one rule when choosing songs for this project...they had to be written and performed by Australian artists," says John. "I know there are many songs people are going to ask about and why they were not included on this album, I guess that rule answers the question to a certain extent."

John listened to over 150 Australian songs so choosing just 13 tracks for the album was not an easy task! Some of the songs he knew well and loved and some he discovered properly for the first time.

John adds, "All I can say is that the choice of material here was hard to settle on and I would have loved to have recorded 40 or 50 songs, which wouldn?t even make a real dent in the available material. So, one day I'll get to a few more Australian classics."

John has created a truly unforgettable album, so we can only hope that this if the first of many more Great Australian Songbooks to come!


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