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"Past to Present - the 70s", old material, new album by Jay Graydon.


"Past to Present - the 70s" is the 8th album on Jay Graydon's own record label Sonic Thrust Records. From the Garden Rake Studios tape vault... super sounds of the 70s... an album as close to AIRPLAY as it will ever get... featuring Jay Graydon on vocals, guitars, bass and some synth stuff; great singers such as Bill Champlin, Marc Jordan, Tata Vega, Lisa DalBello, Ed Whiting and more.

On all tracks other musicians include such top names as David Foster, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, David Hungate, Mike Porcaro, Greg Mathieson, to name a few. The album has 20 tracks and this stuff has never been released before. Apart from the main songs, there are a few bonus tracks - fun stuff like TV themes, a jingle, and also 2 instrumental tracks.

Jay says about his new album...
"If you are interested in hearing great singers, musicians, and songwriters that had surfaced as "top notch" in the 70s during the beginning of their professional careers, you will enjoy the CD."

1. If There’s A Way
2. What Good Is Love
3. You Can Count On Me
4. You’re My Day
5. Should We Carry On
6. Secret Love
7. She Waits For Me
8. Throw A Little Bit Of Love Way
9. I Fall In Love Every Day
10. Love Flows
11. Love Flows - melody guide version
12. Ted’s Theme - without Ted’s rap
13. Ted’s Theme - with Ted’s rap
14. Ted’s Theme
15. Ted’s Theme - with Ted’s rap
16. Ted’s Theme - only the tail of Ted’s rap
17. Sony Jingle
18. If There’s A Way - instrumental track
19. What Good Is Love - instrumental track
20. It’s Right To Be In Love



I'm really fan of Richard Page's voice from the
beginnings (Pages, Peter Allen, Third Matinee,
Mr Mister) and I'm desesperatly looking for buying
the PROMOTION ACOUSTIC CD of the album
Shelter-me containing the following songs :

- Broken wings
- The best thing
- A simply life
- Even the pain
- Shelter me

Can you help me to find this CD, or legal MP3 loadings ?
Is there a new track to follow ? I write you from south of France
and I have quite tried many things to find
it through the internet without any success ...

Friendly help welcome !

Kind regards

Immeuble Le Rex
5 impasse du Luxembourg
30000 NIMES
[email protected]

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