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Dixie Chicks slated to release highgly-anticipated fourth album "Taking the long way"

Ricky Peterson, very busy...

Ricky Peterson is now working on his 5th solo CD which will be available within the next 6 months. He's promising the same musicality and funkiness that has procided in his previous CDs. Friend and colleague Ben Sidran put it best when he said of Peterson: "There are two kinds of genius, the kind that is, as the saying goes, 90 percent perspiration, 10 percent inspiration, and the other kind. Ricky Peterson is clearly the other kind, a born singer with a great range, a gifted keyboard player with his own sense of style and literally, a musical force of nature. It's all music to him. He's not a rock player trying to learn jazz or a jazz player trying to do rock...He's able to go into the memory bank and constantly come up with new sounds."

Also, he Just finished working with John Mayer on his New CD! He and Steve Jordan are co producing the CD together and it's rockin'! The band consisted of Producer Steve Jordan on drums, Pino Paladino on bass, Spanky Alford on rhythm guitar, Ricky on keyboards and John playing guitar and singing/writing his ass off! It should be out springish!


Have you heard about the new music documentary, released earlier this year, "Bunkers: An American Music Story"? The doc features an incredible solo performance by Ricky Peterson, and other world-class musicians. Check it out... it's all over the web!

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