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TRW, the new surprise of 2006!

Kenny Pore: Sessions volume 1 & 2


Kenny Pore Sessions include such luminaries as Pat Coil, Robben Ford, John Patitucci, Vinnie Colaiuta, Hadley Hockensmith,Brandon Fields, Harvey Mason, Paul Jackson, Jr., Leon Gaer, Tommy Emmanuel, Michael Landau, Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Haslip, William Kennedy and vocalist Rick Riso.

Kenny recalls: "Things were sounding pretty good from the start. I remember Vinnie saying we
should lay one down after about 15 minutes of rehearsal. They were playing Inner City Dreams as
though they had been playing it all their lives. It was great. Then we cut Endurance and that was the
end of my session for the day." But it was the start of a long and fruitful relationship between Kenny
and musicians he liked and admired. He also learned to trust John Patitucci's judgment. If John said
get this musician or that one, he was always right. "He introduced me to Brandon Fields, Rick Riso,
Robben Ford and, of course, the drum legend Vinnie Colaiuta —— who had come in hastily to help
out a fellow musician in trouble."


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