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Shooting Star’s seventh studio album “Circles”!


SHOOTING STAR’s seventh studio album “Circles” features 9 brand newly written tracks plus "Without Love" the song that earned SHOOTING STAR a contract with CBS, but never made the platter.

“Circles” was recorded at Daybreak Recording in Lawrence, KS and the band even had a little help from some old friends including Kevin Elson (who produced “III Wishes” & “Burning” apart from such bands as JOURNEY, MR. BIG and EUROPE) who mixed four of the ten songs including Van's tribute to George Harrison "George's Song".

“Circles” shall be the first SHOOTING STAR album to feature legendary singer Kevin Chalfant (THE STORM, TWO FIRES) and also feature original members Van McLain (guitar), Ron Verlin (bass) and Steve Thomas (drums) together with Dennis Laffoon (keyboards) and Shane Micheals on violin.

The album final tracklisting shall include the following songs:
Runaway; Without Love; Trouble In Paradise; George’s Song; Borrowed Time; Everybody’s Crazy; Temptation; I’m A Survivor; We’re Not Alone; What Love Is.

As a special preview exclusive the song “I’m A Survivor” can be downloaded in full, following this link !

SHOOTING STAR will be celebrating their 27th year as recording artists and their continue desire to display their resilience and their love of music, while never forgetting this could be your “Last Chance”!

Royal Dan: a tribute to Genius of Steely Dan


"The Royal Dan" features some of the greatest names in progressive jazz/fusion guitar, each paying tribute to rock/jazz legends Steely Dan, pioneers of progressive pop music. These ten incredible guitarists have come together to lift up their guitars as their voices in celebration of this important music. Featuring Robben FORD, Steve MORSE, Jay GRAYDON, Al DiMEOLA, Steve LUKATHER, Jeff RICHMAN, Mike STERN, Jimmy HERRING, Frank GAMBALE et Elliott RANDALL.

1. PEG
4. AJA
9. FM

Tommy Demander finished his new Deacon Street


The project DEACON STREET originally started out with Tommy Demander and his partner Chris Demming (AOR, Spin Gallery), who had written songs together for various artists and found themselves with a lot of very good but unused AOR / melodic rock songs. But, as Tommy points out, “Don't mistake it for a cheap and fast way to get some leftover songs out - If you're a serious fan of classy melodic rock you won't be disappointed with the quality of this release”.

The new album by DEACON STREET, “II”, now features even bigger names: Stan Bush, Christopher Cross, Jeff Watson (Night Ranger), Steve Morse (Kansas, Deep Purple), Reb Beach (Winger, Dok-ken), Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx, Madonna, Peter Cetera), Thomas Vikström (Talk Of The Town), Andreas Novak, Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart), Bobby Messano (Glen Burtnick, Fiona, Joe Lynn-Turner), Bill Leverty (Firehouse) among others.

“II” includes 14 great AOR / melodic rock songs in the vein of JOURNEY and GIANT, enhanced by an admirable musician-ship, beautiful arrangements, and an excellent production. This makes DEACON STREET’s “II” a definite must-have for fans of the artists mentioned above and of course for everyone who enjoys fine and well-produced AOR & melodic rock!

The release date is scheduled for May 20, 2006.

Street Talk reunites for a brand new album!


MTM MUSIC is happy to announce the following statement by Fredrik Bergh, the main man behind Swedish Melodic Rock Act STREET TALK:

"In January 2005, exactly one year after the release of the compilation album "Destination", which was supposed to be the final release by STREET TALK, I decided to compose music for a possible new Street Talk studio album. I made the decision to start writing after receiving some amazing feedback from fans around the world who wanted Street Talk to continue! Within a couple of months the music for around 15 songs was written and after speaking to vocalist and writing partner Goran Edman and guitar wiz Sven Larsson the decision was made to revive Street Talk!"

Edman says: "I'm really looking forward to the new album. This time things will have the chance to grow in my own garden so to speak. More time spent on arrangements and time to live with the songs as they develop in my homestudio before the final mix. From experience this have proved to be a good recipe for making a fine stew with XsavioR fresh in mind."

Bergh continues: "I'm very excited about working on a brand new album together with those great cats! I'm sure this will be our best album ever as I feel that the material is very strong and the production is going to be absolutely top notch as we're recording the album in the improved Studio Soundcreation."

The line up is the same as on the "Restoration" album: Goran Edman-Vocals, Fredrik Bergh-Keyboards, Sven Larsson-Guitars, Bjorn Lodmark-Bass, Christian Johansson-Drums.
The forthcoming studio album will be entitled "V" and is scheduled for June 2006!

"West Coast Hotel" by Max Meazza


Max Meazza started to write songs at 16 years old. He sang as a lead vocal in local bands, everywhere. He first toured with drummer Walter Callonihad in bands and dreamed to become a writer.

His first record experience started as one of the three members of the band Pueblo. His first musical audition took place at the Apple, in Savile Row, in London.

The Pueblo recorded albums and toured Italy with Le Orme. The Pueblo broke up while Max went to Munich in order to record a single. So, Max decided to realize his first solo album "Shaving the car".

The following year with the collaboration of the american singer Skip Battin (Byrds,New Riders of Purple Sage and Flying Burrito Brothers), Max himself produced a new album "Personal exile". Seven albums will follow...

Now Max Meazza returns with a brand new album, titled "West Coast Hotel" offering beautiful songs with influences from artists such as Michael Franks, Joni Mitchell, Michael McDonald, Robbie Dupree, Stephen Bishop among others.
"West Coast Hotel" is available at, garageband, and at Artistopia.

1/ The Long Goodbye
2/ Bleeding
3/ Alaska
4/ Summer of 7''
5/ Blue Heart
6/ Duffle Jim
7/ Complicated Life
8/ Things to do on sunday when you sleep
9/ Electric Kiss
10 Watchin' Movies
11/ Telegram Blues