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Rupert Holmes "Him" video

Air Supply "Lost In Love" video

Air Supply "Lost In Love" video.

Air Supply is a duo of pop musicians, consisting of English guitarist/vocalist Graham Russell (b. 1 June 1950, Sherwood, Nottingham, England) and Australian lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock (b. 15 June 1949, Melbourne, Australia), who had a succession of soft-rock ballad hits throughout the English-speaking world through the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The duo met in May 1975 when performing in the Australian production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Later that year, the duo, along with Chrissie Hammond, formed Air Supply as a five-man group. Hammond left the band, to be replaced by Jeremy Paul in time for the group's first Australian hit single, "Love and Other Bruises." This single was followed by a self-titled debut album that reached Gold status in Australia, and their second album, "The Whole Thing's Started". Singles during this period included "Empty Pages" and "Do What You Do". The group were invited to open for Rod Stewart during his tour of Australia, and he was so impressed by their performance that he invited them to be the opening act during his tour of the United States. During this tour, Jeremy Paul left the band.

Eager to prove that they could still succeed as a duo, the group released the album "Love and Other Bruises", which included re-recordings of many of their earlier hits.

Hitchcock and Russell effectively started out fresh again in 1978, and the band that was to record almost all of the hit records was formed. It featured Frank Esler-Smith (arranger and keyboardist), David Moyse and Rex Goh (guitars) and the rhythm section of David Green (bass) and Ralph Cooper (drums).

In 1979 the band released "Life Support," a concept album that included a picture disc on its first printing. Produced by Charles Fisher, it was recorded in the tiny Trafalgar Studios in Sydney, where, as Graham recalls on the 2005 DVD, he had half an inch between the end of his guitar and the studio wall, it was so small. It was on this album that a five-and-a-half minute version of "Lost in Love" was introduced to Australian audiences. Written by Graham Russell in fifteen minutes, the song caught the attention of music mogul Clive Davis, and his record label Arista remixed the song and released it as a single in the United States.

Their 1980 album "Lost In Love" released their music to an American audience for the first time, and contained three US Top Five singles, including the title track, "Every Woman In The World", and "All Out of Love" (sample). It was quickly followed by three more hit albums, "The One That You Love", "Now and Forever", and "Greatest Hits".

Air Supply "Lost In Love" from "Lost In Love" album (1980). Live in Hawaii.


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