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Christopher Cross European tour cancelled, Christopher Cross forthcoming album


Christopher Cross European tour cancelled, Christopher Cross forthcoming album.

Please note that the UK/Europe tour of Christopher Cross with America (this autumn) has been cancelled by the promoter. Christopher Cross has very recently opened his own official blog with some great news:

"Christopher recently finished recording a new song written by Andrej Sifrer titled "Be the Light". Andrej is a household name in his home country of Slovenia."

And Christopher Cross has just announced a new Christmas album:

"I've also been back in the studio working on a few new projects. I am recording a Christmas album for release Christmas 2006. The songs are my favorite non-religious Christmas standards, as well as a couple of new Christmas songs from Rob and I. I am also recording a new version of "Best Christmas" written by my good friend Steve Dorff, whom I wrote "Swept Away" with. This is a project I have threatened to do for many years and I'm very pleased with the tracks I have done so far. Some of you who have suggested I do a more acoustic guitar type record will be pleased to know that this is the approach for this CD. It's solo acoustic and for the most part solo voice (very few BG's) as well as acoustic piano and upright bass. I may add some strings, but I am not sure at this point. One interesting note is Michael Omartian will be guesting on most of the piano tracks (...) The album will be released on Christopher Cross Records and will be on iTunes as well as retail outlets."

"An Evening with Christopher Cross" DVD (1998) - Live concert - 93 minutes :

Joe Vana returns with Mecca 2!


MECCA founder and lead singer Joe Vana has begun the pre-production work for the long awaited MECCA 2 which is titled “Catharsis”. The confirmed line-up that is going to be featured is:
Joe Vana - Lead and Background Vocals
Bobby Kimball (of TOTO) - Lead and Background Vocals
Steve Farris (ex MR. MISTER) - Guitar
David Hungate (ex TOTO) - Bass
Shannon Forrest - Drums and Percussion
Gordon Mote - Keyboards and Piano

Also featuring:
Steve Lukather (of TOTO) - Guest Guitar
Christian Wolff – Guitar
Thom Griffin - Background Vocals

Recording is set to begin at Michael McDonald’s "Oz Studios" in Franklin, Tennessee and BnB Productions in Chicago, Illinois during the third week of August....”We anticipate having the album complete end of 2006 for a first quarter 2007 release date” says Joe, who also adds “This album will be much heavier than the first Mecca, and will be very worth the wait!”

Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino says: “The demos that Joe has been sending me through these years sound great and I am very excited to work again with Mecca and look forward to make this new chapter a success!”,The website of the month!


Welcome to Bill Champlin's new website! If you consider he's my favorite artist ever, it was a good surprise that "beautiful" website sees the light of day. You can find almost everything about that talented singer, musician, songwriter and "cool cat" :-)
- Arnaud Leger

Bill Champlin was born in Oakland, California on May 21, 1947 to a musical family. His grandparents, mother and sisters have all been singers. Bill is married to Tamara Champlin, a singer/songwriter in her own right, and is the father of three children. His youngest, Will Champlin, is building a name for himself as a prolific songwriter with a distinct sound.

Champlin’s musical career began in 1961 when he formed a band called the Opposite Six. A year later he began writing music. After forming the Sons of Champlin in 1967 he focused his songwriting talents on producing material for the Sons. “They were breathing fire. They were the most talented of all the San Francisco bands”, said Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. The Sons’ first album, LOOSEN UP NATURALLY, was released in 1969, followed by six more albums before they broke up in 1977. Many of these have been re-released as CD’s and are currently available for purchase.

After the breakup of the Sons, Bill moved to Los Angeles and worked as a session lead and background vocalist on numerous recordings from 1977-1985. Some of the artists that he has worked with include Patti LaBelle, Lou Rawls, Elton John, Boz Scaggs, Donna Summer, Nancy Wilson, George Benson, Jimmy Smith, Amy Grant, Neil Diamond and Kenny Rogers. In 1978 he released SINGLE, his first solo album. In 1979 he won his first Grammy award for co-writing “After the Love is Gone”, which was later recorded by Earth, Wind & Fire. During the recent Chicago/EWF tours in 2004 and 2005, Champlin was asked to perform this song with them, as lead singer.

The National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) awarded Bill the Most Valuable Player peer award for male background vocalists in 1980. In 1981 he won another Grammy for co-writing Turn Your Love Around for George Benson, and released his second solo album that year, RUNAWAY. In 1982 he joined Chicago to record Chicago 16. “Bill’s exactly what we’ve been looking for,” said Chicago’s Robert Lamm . His very distinctive and expressive vocals can be heard on Chicago's hits , "Hard Habit to Break" and "Stay the Night."

In 1988 Bill’s recording of the song, “In the Heat of the Night”, was picked up as a show opener by the television show of the same name. The following year Chicago released the song of the year, “Look Away”, featuring Champlin on lead vocals. In 1990 Bill released the critically acclaimed NO WASTED MOMENTS. That same year he was asked to perform two songs from NO WASTED MOMENTS at the Tokyo Music Festival, and was presented with their songwriter of the year award.

Next came four solo albums, BURN DOWN THE NIGHT (1992), THROUGH IT ALL (1994), HE STARTED TO SING (1995) and MAYDAY (1996). In July, 1997, “Here in my Heart” topped the adult contemporary charts for Chicago, featuring Champlin on lead vocals. 1997 also saw an a capella release of WEST COAST ALL STARS, a project he did with Jason Scheff of Chicago, and Toto’s Bobby Kimball and Joseph Williams.

The Sons of Champlin reunited in 1997 and continue to tour on a regular basis, with a loyal group of enthusiastic fans traveling great distances to see them perform. They recorded LIVE AT THE LUTHER BURBANK CENTER in 1998, SECRET (CD and DVD) and HIP LIL’ DREAMS in 2002, and are planning to release another live CD in 2006. Bill is currently writing new music while touring with Chicago and Huey Lewis & the News.

The Richie Zito's project "Avalon"


Frontiers Records is truly excited to announce the return on to Melodic Rock scene of the acclaimed producer RICHIE ZITO fronting his new studio project named AVALON.

Richie Zito started his career in the 70’s, quickly becoming one of the most sought after guitar players of the scene in Los Angeles. After having played on records from Barbara Streisand, The Beach Boys, Donna Summer, Tina Turner, and Lionel Richie to name a few, he became a permanent member of Elton John’s band. Soon after he started to become involved in record production and the impressive list of bands he has worked with include WHITE LION, BAD ENGLISH, MR BIG, TYKETTO, OPEN SKYZ, HEART, EDDIE MONEY and countless others.

AVALON is “his” project where he gathered all the artists he had the pleasure to work with during the years, to deliver a classic AOR release and his ultimate dream album. In Zito’s words: “When Serafino Perugino, Frontiers Records President, approached me to make a CD, I saw it as an opportunity to collaborate with some of the best singers I know. The result is… AVALON”.

“AVALON - THE RICHIE ZITO PROJECT represents Re-Connection” continues Richie, ”Re-Connection with Guitar Playing, Songwriting, Producing, Melodic Rock and with some very talented friends…”

Indeed Richie has called a monster line-up of singers to bless his welcomed return to Melodic Rock. Featured on AVALON are: Eddie Money, legendary producer Giorgio Moroder (Flashdance, Top Gun, Metropolis etc.), Joe Lynn Turner, Eric Martin, Richie Kotzen, Hugo, Danny Vaughn, Philip Bardowell, Joseph Williams and Joey Carbone (Vertigo).

The tracklisting of AVALON includes the following songs:
Blue Collar (featuring HUGO); Is He Better Than Me (featuring JOE LYNN TURNER); Nightmare (featuring EDDIE MONEY); Oh Samantha (featuring JOSEPH WILLIAMS); Avalon (featuring DANNY VAUGHN); Life Got In The Way (featuring ERIC MARTIN); Blue Monday (featuring GIORGIO MORODER and HUGO); Forever I Will (featuring RICHIE KOTZEN); I Can’t Forget You (featuring PHILIP BARDOWELL); I Put My Life In Your Hands (featuring EDDIE MONEY); Good Things Take Time (featuring PHILIP BARDOWELL); I Don’t Want To Want You (featuring ERIC MARTIN).

Avalon - Richie Zito Project CD. ORDER IT NOW:

Michael Franks "Rendezvous in Rio" new album out


Michael Franks "Rendezvous in Rio" new album out.

Michael Franks has a new album out named "Rendezvous in Rio" since June 27, 2006 on Koch Records.

As one of the prime movers in that select sub-group of white folk-pop singers who have found a home in Brazilian style, contemporary jazz artist Michael Franks has aged pretty well--if not all that gracefully. His vocals are breezy and intimate, and the instrumental settings provided by a cast including guitarist Chuck Loeb and keyboardist David Sancious are attractive.

With "Rendezvous in Rio," his debut release for Koch Records, Michael Franks continuously shows why he is still at the top of his game with brand-new songs that will soothe, undo your stresses, or put you in a romantic mood. The various musical styles on the CD include two Brazilian sambas, one titled "Under the Sun," pointing you toward the Southern Hemisphere and the warmth of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.

A master of phrasing and elongated notes, Michael Franks tells his great stories in several tempos that literally have you wanted to take this journey with him. "Rendezvous in Rio" starts with Café's percussive whistle and the rhythmic flow of Romero Lubambo's guitar. Chris Hunter's sax and flute solos also heighten the imagery of Michael Franks' sexy vocals. "The Cool School" starts with the beautiful guitar accompaniment of Chuck Loeb and continues under Michael Franks' vocals with a hushed flow of cool/smooth riffs that make this song one of the best on the CD. With the artistry of such respected contemporary jazz artists as Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Chuck Loeb, and Alex Al and , Michael Franks has conspired to entertain you, and has succeeded. You're sure to enjoy this very special "Rendezvous in Rio". Also feat. Robbie Dupree and Larry Hoppen (from the band Orleans).

About his new album, Michael Franks says:

"Rendezvous in Rio, the new record, was released on June 27th. I started this recording late last Fall and finished mixing it mid-February. You've probably seen some of the hand-held (arms length) photographs I took at the various sessions. It's wonderfully energizing to work in the studio with all the different musicians who contribute their unique and always heartfelt talents to the project. When people ask me what I remember most about making a record my answer is always "the experience of working with the players." Though we spend a relatively small amount of time together, in some instances just one or two sessions, the experience of recording together is like a journey down a beautiful, as yet unexplored river. Each river and each landscape is different, but the imagery is always beautiful.

As you know, I always decide on the cover art myself, a practice which has ruffled more than one record company art department. For Rendezvous I chose a painting called "The Yellow Fountain," by a Woodstock artist named Dick Jeffery. For me it conveys the lush tropical mood of the title tune, which I wrote with Charles Blenzig, longtime musical director and previous collaborator ("Barefoot on the Beach")."

ORDER Michael Franks "RendezVous In Rio" album now:

Warren Wiebe medley "Mornin'", "Heart To Heart", "Glory of Love" feat. David Foster and Larry Williams

Warren Wiebe medley "Mornin'", "Heart To Heart", "Glory of Love" video feat. David Foster and Larry Williams.

Warren Wiebe sings a great medley (feat. David Foster on piano and Larry Williams on sax): "Mornin'" (Al Jarreau, 1983), "Heart To Heart" (Kenny Loggins, 1982) and "Glory Of Love" (Peter Cetera, 1986) for a concert in Japan with an orchestra (JT Super Producer '94).

Late Warren Wiebe was born and raised in San Diego and made his first recording at the age of 14. Gifted with a three-octave vocal range and relative pitch, Warren Wiebe had performed for bands specializing in standards, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, and the Motown sound.

Bobby Gentry gave Warren his first big break in 1980 by hiring him to sing in her band in Las Vegas. By the late 1980's, Warren was well established will all of the major studios in San Diego singing local radio and television jingles, demos and on album projects for various musicians. He won vocal contests and continued to sing live in nighclubs at corporate and private functions.

On Valentine's Day in 1987, Warren had the good fortune to be heard by David Foster (12-time Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter/arranger) and Burt Bacharach while performing at The Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. Within a few months of this event, Warren was performing with an 80-piece orchestra as the lead vocalist in David Foster's band and performing throughout Canada.

Since that time, Warren had relocated to the Los Angeles area where his career has skyrocketed. He continued to work with David Foster in the studio and for live performances. Since 1989, he had been featured as the anthem singer for the Los Angeles Kings at the Great Western Forum. He had performed on a regular basis at the Santa Monica Beach Loews Hotel. In 1994, he was signed to The Atlantic Group as a recording artist and has begun work on his first solo album. He toured Japan where he was a featured vocalist for David Foster's band and performed with Color Me Badd, Peabo Bryson, Celine Dion, Wendy Moten, Leland Sklar, Michael Thompson, Jerry Hey, Larry Williams and the Seawind Horns and the Japanese Philharmonic Orchestra. These Tokyo and Osaka concerts were televised live for broadcast throughout Japan.

The very-talented singer/vocalist Warren WIEBE has passed away October 25, 1998. It was a suicide... There was a memorial service October 31, 1998 in Malibu with his friends including live performances.

"A Touch Of" David Foster CD compilation features "Mornin'" (Al Jarreau, 1983), "Heart To Heart" (Kenny Loggins, 1982) and "Glory Of Love" (Peter Cetera, 1986):

The Doobie Brothers "What a fool believes" video live

The Doobie Brothers "What a fool believes" video live.

The Doobie Brothers are an American rock band, best known for hit singles like "Black Water", "China Grove", "Listen to the Music" and "What a Fool Believes". They sold millions of records throughout the 1970s.

After almost a decade on the road, and with seven albums under their belts, the Doobies' career unexpectedly soared with the success of their next album, 1978's "Minute by Minute". It spent five weeks at the top of the music charts and dominated several radio formats for the better part of two years.

Michael McDonald's song "What a Fool Believes," written with Kenny Loggins, was the band's second #1 single and earned the songwriting duo a Grammy Award for Record of the Year. The breezy, Michael McDonald-penned title song received the Grammy for Pop Vocal Performance by a Group and the album was honored with an Album of the Year nod.

Among the other memorable songs on the album were the first single, "Here to Love You," "Dependin' On You" (co-written by Michael McDonald and Patrick Simmons), "Steamer Lane Breakdown" (a Simmons bluegrass instrumental workout) and Michael McDonald's "How Will the Fools Survive" (featuring an epic, career-defining guitar lead by Jeff Baxter). Nicolette Larson (whose best-known hit was "Lotta Love") and departed former bandleader Michael Johnston contributed guest vocals on the album.

The triumph of "Minute by Minute" was bittersweet, however, because it coincided with the near dissolution of the band. The pressure of touring while recording and releasing an album each year had worn the members down. Before "Minute by Minute"'s monumental success had become apparent, founding drummer Hartman and longtime guitarist Baxter exited through the revolving door. A two-song set on the January 27, 1979 broadcast of Saturday Night Live with guest host Michael Palin marked the final television appearance, and possibly last live performance, of the band in its middle-period configuration.

The Doobie Brothers "What a fool believes" from the album "Minute By Minute" (December 1978):

Boz Scaggs "Jojo" Live At Fridays video


Boz Scaggs "Jojo" Live At Fridays video.

This is a TV performance of Boz Scaggs doing "Jojo" back in 1980. The TV show was called "Friday's" and it came on the USA channel back in the early 80s.

Boz Scaggs was born in Canton, Ohio. After learning guitar at the age of 12, he met Steve Miller at St. Mark's School of Texas in Dallas. In 1959, he became the vocalist for Miller's band The Marksmen. The pair later attended the University of Wisconsin together, playing in blues bands like The Ardells and The Fabulous Knight Trains.

Leaving school, Boz Scaggs briefly left Texas to join the burgeoning rhythm and blues scene in London. After singing in bands such as The Wigs and Mother Earth, he recorded his first solo album Boz Scaggs in 1965, which was not a commercial success. He traveled to Sweden as a solo performer and did a brief stint with the band The Other Side with fellow American Jack Downing and Brit Mac MacLeod.

Returning to the US, Boz Scaggs promptly headed for the booming psychedelic music center of San Francisco in 1967. Linking up with Steve Miller again, he appeared on the Steve Miller Band's first two albums "Children of the Future" and "Sailor," which won over critical reviews.

After being spotted by Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, Boz Scaggs secured a solo contract with Atlantic Records in 1968. Despite good reviews, his first Atlantic album was met with lukewarm sales, as were followup albums on Columbia Records.

In 1976, Boz Scaggs linked up with session musicians who would later form Toto and recorded his smash album "Silk Degrees". The album reached number 2 on the US charts and number 1 in a number of countries across the world, spawning three hit singles: "Lowdown", "Lido Shuffle", and "What Can I Say", as well as the MOR standard "We're All Alone", later a hit for Rita Coolidge.

A sellout world tour followed, but his follow-up album, the 1977 Down Two Then Left, lacked the cohesion of Silk Degrees. The 1980 album "Middle Man" would spawn two top 20 hits, "Breakdown Dead Ahead" and "Jojo," and Boz Scaggs would enjoy two more hits over 1980 and 1981 ("Look What You've Done to Me" from the "Urban Cowboy" soundtrack, and "Miss Sun" from a Greatest Hits set).

Boz Scaggs "Jojo" from the album "Middle Man" (April 1980):

John Parr "St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)" video

John Parr "St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)" video.

John Parr (born November 18, 1954, Worksop, Nottinghamshire) is an English musician who received considerable success following his two chart topping hits in the 1980s.

John Parr wrote "Under A Raging Moon" for Roger Daltrey, a song that paid tribute to Keith Moon and told the story of The Who. The album became Roger Daltrey's biggest success in America.

John Parr was soon singing with Marilyn Martin on the Kevin Bacon movie "Quicksilver". John wrote and produced further tracks for Marylin Martin's debut album, including the hit "Night Moves". After the success of Meat Loaf's album, John Parr contributed to the next album with the smash duet hit Rock & Roll Mercenaries. From there he began work with Albert Magnili (director of "Purple Rain") on the movie "American Anthem" for which he wrote and performed the main theme "Two Hearts".

The Pepsi Company and Jack Calmes Satellite TV Corporation wanted to try something new - a gig from London beamed live across America, Japan & Australia on the college Satellite Network. It is one extract of this rare performance from the TV show in Japan. John Parr played and sang with his band from The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (in 1985)

John Parr was the featured act, having done 2 similar shows (one from the Olympic Stadium in Los Angeles where the flame was lit for a special performance of "St. Elmo's Fire," and was beamed live for Japan, and the New Year Christmas Show from London). The show was a great success, reaching almost 50-million people and making broadcast history for the network.

John Parr "St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)" from the album "St. Elmo's Fire: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (1985):

Linda Ronstadt with The Eagles "Desperado" video

Linda Ronstadt with The Eagles "Desperado" video.

Linda Ronstadt (born July 15, 1946) is an American singer most closely associated with the country rock genre prevalent in the 1970s. Though an occasional songwriter herself, she is better known as an interpreter of other songwriters' works.

Though she began her recording career singing folk music with her band the Stone Poneys in the mid-to late-1960s, Ronstadt has been credited as a solo artist with singing in extraordinarily diverse genres ranging from more traditional country to rhythm & blues and including, among others, new wave, opera and mariachi. In its biography on her artist page, Rolling Stone's Web site reads, "she doesn't succeed at every style she attempts, but that hasn't stopped her from exploring new avenues…. check out her Trio recordings with Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton; they are essential listening for fans of any kind of music."

Linda Ronstadt's success is, in part, connected with the influence she had on or the influence she received from artists such as Harris, Parton, J.D. Souther, The Eagles, Andrew Gold, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Paul Simon, Mark Goldenberg, Karla Bonoff, Aaron Neville, James Taylor, Warren Zevon, Maria Muldaur, Nicolette Larson and Elvis Costello. Her reputation throughout the 1970s was of working with some of the most well-respected musicians in contemporary rock music but also of having her own strong sense of discipline.

Linda Ronstadt "Desperado" on her "Greatest Hits" (1976):