Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes "Up Where We Belong" video
Christopher Cross "Ride Like The Wind" video

Joey Scarsbury "Believe Or Not" video

Joey Scarsbury "Believe Or Not" video.

Another rare Solid Gold performance of the hit song from the TV show "Greatest American Hero", which was by the way a very good TV show. Take a look at the fabulous dancers!

This show "Greatest American Hero" was first aired in 1981 on ABC, and was both a comedy and a drama. A special "power suit" that only works on him is given to the teacher by the aliens, and he is paired up with the gumshoe FBI agent who keeps them both busy with his scenarios. The suit of "unearthly powers" gives the power of strength, flight, invisibilty, flames, telekenesis, vision of events without being there, protection from bullets and fire. Some actors: William Bogert, Robert Culp, June Lockhart, William Katt...

Joey Scarsbury "Believe Or Not" from "Greatest American Hero" TV show.


Strange,how they cut out that sweet little(about 21 second) oberheim synth and guitar solo break.Talk about time constraints!Like "Up Where We Belong",this is more like a pop "anthem"-they'll both go down in history(if not already)

Well they did that to a lot of the songs. Especially when they had Ronnie Laws - Every Generation. They basically cut out like 25% of the song!

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