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John Waite "Downtown Journey of a Heart" new album


John Waite "Downtown Journey of a Heart" new album.

2006 Release from the Former Lead Singer/Songwriter of Both the Babys and Bad English and a Successful Solo Artist in his Own Right. John, Waite presents a Musical Trip: A Collection of Amazing Recordings of his Greatest Hits plus an Infectious Rendition of Bob Dylan's Rock Classic "Highway 61 Revisited" Along with the Sweeping Balladry of "St. Patrick 's Day".

The album of John Waite "Downtown Journey of a Heart" will be released on July 25, 2006 on Frontiers Records.

According to John Waite, "Those Two Songs Represent Well the Two Sides of My Musicality. The Driving Rock of "Highway 61" Mirrors the Energy of Our Live Performances and Shows the Direction Where I Want to Go Next Musically, While "st. Patrick's Day" is Quite the Opposite: A Love Song About Two People Meeting in New York". "Downtown Journey of a Heart" Has Much to Offer to Everyone, Memories for Some and for Many, New Memories to Be Created."

Tracklisting (12 tracks): Hard Way, In Dreams, Blue Venus, Missing You, Keys To Your Heart, Highway 61 Revisited, Isn't It Time, St. Patrick's Day, New York City Girl, Head First, Downtown, When I See You Smile.

John Waite "Downtown Journey of a Heart" (july 2006) CD:


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