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Lee Ritenour "Mr. Briefcase" video feat. Eric Tagg.

Lee Ritenoir - Lee Mack "Captain Fingers" Ritenour (born January 11, 1952) is a prominent session musician, and recording artist. He had a minor U.S. hit with "Is It You" in 1981.

Ritenour's holds the distinction of having two of the promotional videos for his songs ("Is It You," and "Mr. Briefcase") being played during MTV's first hour.

Lee Ritenour was born January 11, 1952 in Los Angeles, California. He played his first session when he was 16 with the Mamas and the Papas. Nicknamed "Captain Fingers," he (along with Larry Carlton) was a sought-after session guitarist by the mid-70s. He is noted for playing his red Gibson ES-335 and his Gibson L5 guitars. One of his most notable influences is the pioneering jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery.

In 1976, Lee Ritenour released his first solo album, First Course. This was followed up by his famous fusion work "Captain Fingers" in 1976. Since "First Course" he has released over 30 albums - the 30th being "Rit's House" in 2002. One of his most notable works is his pop album (featuring vocalist Eric Tagg) 1981 Rit, which contained chart hits "Is It You," and "Mr. Briefcase." In the 90s, Lee Ritenour was one of the founding members of smooth jazz group "Fourplay".

Throughout his career, Lee Ritenour has not been afraid to experiment with different styles of music. He has often incorporated elements of funk, pop, rock, blues and Brazilian music with jazz (much to the dislike of many critics). In the early 1980s, Lee was given his own Ibanez signature model guitar, the LR-10. The LR-10 was produced from 1981 to 1987. It can be heard exclusively on his album "Rit".

Currently, Lee plays the Gibsons that he first played in the 1970s (the ES-335 & L5), and now also plays his signature Lee Ritenour Model archtop guitar made by Gibson.

Lee Ritenour "Mr. Briefcase" from his album "Rit" (1981):


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