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July 13, 2006


Without a doubt, Linda Ronstadt is one of the greatest American female voices/singers of the 20th century. No other singer has come close to demonstrating her versatility. It seems like she got on the bad side of a few jerks who now run the rock and roll hall of fame and unfortunately these guys have a lot of influence right now. In her prime, there was no other singer who was as popular or influential. She deserves to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame immediately. Some will say she did not write her own songs. So what. That can be said for many other acts who are already inducted. Her body of work speaks for itself. It's about time some serious historian would do a study and give her the credit she is due. More to come.

Linda Ronstadt to this day is a vibrant singer who is still exploring the world of music. She has a new album coming out in July with Cajun singer and historian Ann Savoy. I have heard the album and I can tell you: it is simply stunning - very simple, potent collection of songs with a Cajun flavor that are at the same time haunting and beautiful. I highly recommend it.

This might be a foregone conclusion to the rest of you,but where is the piano player and why is that person not shown?

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