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Michael Franks "Rendezvous in Rio" new album out


Michael Franks "Rendezvous in Rio" new album out.

Michael Franks has a new album out named "Rendezvous in Rio" since June 27, 2006 on Koch Records.

As one of the prime movers in that select sub-group of white folk-pop singers who have found a home in Brazilian style, contemporary jazz artist Michael Franks has aged pretty well--if not all that gracefully. His vocals are breezy and intimate, and the instrumental settings provided by a cast including guitarist Chuck Loeb and keyboardist David Sancious are attractive.

With "Rendezvous in Rio," his debut release for Koch Records, Michael Franks continuously shows why he is still at the top of his game with brand-new songs that will soothe, undo your stresses, or put you in a romantic mood. The various musical styles on the CD include two Brazilian sambas, one titled "Under the Sun," pointing you toward the Southern Hemisphere and the warmth of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.

A master of phrasing and elongated notes, Michael Franks tells his great stories in several tempos that literally have you wanted to take this journey with him. "Rendezvous in Rio" starts with Café's percussive whistle and the rhythmic flow of Romero Lubambo's guitar. Chris Hunter's sax and flute solos also heighten the imagery of Michael Franks' sexy vocals. "The Cool School" starts with the beautiful guitar accompaniment of Chuck Loeb and continues under Michael Franks' vocals with a hushed flow of cool/smooth riffs that make this song one of the best on the CD. With the artistry of such respected contemporary jazz artists as Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Chuck Loeb, and Alex Al and , Michael Franks has conspired to entertain you, and has succeeded. You're sure to enjoy this very special "Rendezvous in Rio". Also feat. Robbie Dupree and Larry Hoppen (from the band Orleans).

About his new album, Michael Franks says:

"Rendezvous in Rio, the new record, was released on June 27th. I started this recording late last Fall and finished mixing it mid-February. You've probably seen some of the hand-held (arms length) photographs I took at the various sessions. It's wonderfully energizing to work in the studio with all the different musicians who contribute their unique and always heartfelt talents to the project. When people ask me what I remember most about making a record my answer is always "the experience of working with the players." Though we spend a relatively small amount of time together, in some instances just one or two sessions, the experience of recording together is like a journey down a beautiful, as yet unexplored river. Each river and each landscape is different, but the imagery is always beautiful.

As you know, I always decide on the cover art myself, a practice which has ruffled more than one record company art department. For Rendezvous I chose a painting called "The Yellow Fountain," by a Woodstock artist named Dick Jeffery. For me it conveys the lush tropical mood of the title tune, which I wrote with Charles Blenzig, longtime musical director and previous collaborator ("Barefoot on the Beach")."

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