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Michael Johnson "Blue Than Blue" video

Michael Johnson "Blue Than Blue" video.

Michael Johnson (born August 8, 1944) is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. Stylistically, singer/songwriter Michael Johnson has been all over the map, ranging from folk to pop and soft rock to country. But no matter what kind of music he recorded, he maintained a mellow, pleasant tone that served as his hallmark. Johnson was born in Alamosa, Colorado, in 1944 and started playing the guitar as a teenager, studying both rock & roll and jazz.

At 21, he traveled to Barcelona and studied classical guitar with Graciano Tarrago for a year, then returned to the U.S. and joined the later version of the folk group the Chad Mitchell Trio (when John Denver was a member).

Initially signing to Atco, Michael Johnson released his first album, There Is a Breeze, in 1973 and displayed a gentle, folk-influenced sound. He recorded two more albums for smaller labels in the mid-'70s, gradually transforming into more of a soft rock artist, and signed with EMI in 1978 in that capacity. He scored a number one hit on the adult contemporary charts that year with "Bluer Than Blue," which almost made the pop Top Ten, and also made the adult contemporary Top Five with 1978's "Almost Like Being in Love" and 1979's "This Night Won't Last Forever."

Michael Johnson recorded five albums in all for EMI and in 1985 moved over to RCA, where he adopted a contemporary country style that stayed compatible with his soft, mellow leanings. Michael Johnson was surprisingly successful, scoring a total of five Top Ten country hits from 1986-1989, including the chart-toppers "Give Me Wings" and "The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder."

After three country albums on RCA, Michael Johnson moved over to Atlantic in 1991, which effectively halted his commercial momentum. He recorded sporadically in the '90s for smaller labels. He hosts an annual Christmas concert in Minneapolis.

Michael Johnson "Bluer Than Blue" from the album "The Michael Johnson Album" (1978).

Breathe "Hands To Heaven" video

Breathe "Hands To Heaven" video.

Breathe was a London-based musical group formed in the early 1980s. Originally a larger, six-person band called "Catch 22", they trimmed down to a quartet to record the album "All That Jazz" in 1987. This contained their two best-known hits, "How Can I Fall?" and "Hands to Heaven". The latter charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #2 in 1988, and at #4 in the UK. Bassist Micheal Delahunty left the group in 1989 and the remaining three followed "All that Jazz" with the lesser known "Peace of Mind" in early 1990.

Their sound was a combination of light jazz with some pop and soul, somewhat reminiscent of Air Supply or Rick Astley. However, the success was shortlived, and by 1990 they had disbanded.

The band consisted of: David Glasper (vocals), Marcus Lillington (guitars), Spike (drums), Michael Delahunty (bass), Steve Price-Wombley (keyboards).

Breathe "Hands To Heaven" from the album "All That Jazz" (1987).

Amy Holland "How Do I Survive" video

Amy Holland "How Do I Survive" video.

In the early 80's Amy Holland released two albums: "Amy Holland" (1980) incl. the hit "How Do I Survive" (feat. Nick DeCaro, Wendy Waldman, Tom Scott). Amy Holland second album "On Your Every Word" released in 1983 feat. Jeff Porcaro, Steve Lukather, Robert Jim Horn, Larry Williams, Chuck Finley, Jerry Hey, David Pack, Richard Page, Steve George... Amy Holland is also known as the wife of Michael McDonald.

Amy Holland "How Do I Survive" from "Amy Holland" (1980).

Sunstorm, the new project featuring Joe Lynn Turner


Frontiers Records is pleased to unveil all details surrounding the new SUNSTORM studio project featruing former RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE singer JOE LYNN TURNER on all Lead Vocals !

The origins of the SUNSTORM project lie in tape trading! A few years ago, when they were just friends and fans, Serafino Perugino (Frontiers Records President) and Mario de Riso (Frontiers Label Manager) used to exchange stuff and music to listen. One day, Mario gave Serafino a cassette he had from a journalist, with the “unreleased Joe Lynn Turner” second album demos.

This tape featured some glorious songs, that followed very well the musical path established by the singer on his debut solo album “Rescue You”. Many years passed after that days, but when Frontiers finally signed Joe Lynn Turner to the label, Serafino took the chance to ask Joe about those songs.

Turner thought that it was time to take off the dust to that material. According to the singer: “I was writing at the time for a more commercial market, concentrating my abilities on songwriting especially. I think the songs I wrote at the time, can stand the test of time because they are classics. A great song is a great song, no matter when it’s released. Those songs should have made it to my second album for Elektra, but then I fired the producer and then the mess started and we decided to part ways with the label and nothing happened for no reason”.

Taking inspiration from the material available, Perugino reconnected Joe Lynn with Jim Peterik, the glorious AOR songwriter (ex SURVIVOR and now mastermind of PRIDE OF LIONS) with whom he collaborated a few years ago. “Jim and I are great friends and I admire him a lot”, says Joe, adding “it is a little known fact that Jim was called in to help the songwriting for Deep Purple’s follow up to the “Slaves and Masters” album. Together with me and Ritchie, we wrote some killer stuff which was later rejected by the other guys, since they thought it changed the direction of the band too much”.

Jim Peterik says: “I am honoured that one of my all time favourite singers has chosen to record some of my songs for this record! Joe Lynn is truly the “singer’s singer” and he blew me away from the very first time I saw him singing the video of “I Surrender” from Rainbow. I think with this release he will re-establish himself once again as one of the premiere rock voices of our time”.

Turner, therefore went through some of the material sent by Peterik, along with a few other tracks submitted by Perugino and agreed to give birth to a project that could rediscover and highlight the AOR roots of his voice and sound.

The resulting album is a monster piece of classic AOR the way it should be and sound in 2006, but with the class and the fascination of the 80’s! Turner says: “There are plenty of other songs from that era that I believe should be heard… maybe someday”

SUNSTORM will be released in Europe on Frontiers Records on September 22nd 2006 with a release in Japan scheduled on King Records and in the USA on Locomotive Records.

Frank Stallone "Far from over" video

Frank Stallone "Far from over" video.

Frank Stallone, Jr. (born 30 July 1950 in New York City) is an Italian-American actor and singer, the brother of Sylvester Stallone. He has appeared in many Hollywood films and television series. He wrote and performed the main song for the 1983 film "Staying Alive".

Frank Stallone has had a major career as a singer in the tradition of American big band jazz and popular music, in a vocal style reminiscent of his idol Frank Sinatra. He tours with his own orchestra under conductor Paul Vesco, and has also worked with conductors Sammy Nestico and Billy May. Frank Stallone is also a keen amateur boxer and appeared as a boxing consultant on the NBC reality television series "The Contender" in 2005.

Frank Stallone "Far from over" from his first album "Frank Stallone" (1984).

Sneaker "More than just the two of us" video

Sneaker "More than just the two of us" video.

Sneaker was a West Coast American rock music band, active from 1973 to 1982. The band is best known for its Billboard Top 40 Hit "More Than Just the Two of Us" from its first album, "Sneaker" (1981).

Sneaker was composed of Tim Torrance on guitars, Mitch Crane on vocals and guitars, Michael Carey Schneider on vocals and keyboards, Mike Hughes on drums, Michael Cottage on bass, and Jim King on keyboards, synthesizers, and vibes. The band cited as its primary musical influences Steely Dan, the Eagles, and the Doobie Brothers.

The album "Sneaker" was produced by Jeffrey Baxter (who had produced albums for Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers), and the opening track of the first album is a cover version of Steely Dan's "Don't Let Me In".

Sneaker "More Than Just the Two of Us" from the album "Sneaker" (1981) with an exclusive video footage from Solid Gold TV show back in the early '80s.