"Here & Now", America's new album to be released in january 2007!
"Wreck of the Day", Anna Nalick's debut album

A band called Venice!


At the end of the month, Venice will release a new album in Japan, titled "A Band Called Venice." This is the band's debut release in this country, so even though it is a greatest hits set, it won't be promoted that way.

Here's the track listing:
1. Think Again
2. Sweet Aloha
3. Precious Stone
4. For a Dancer (with Jackson Browne)
5. Right Where We Left Off
6. Most of Us
7. The Road to Where You Are
8. Unbreakable Heart
9. Guinnevere (with David Crosby)
10. I'll Keep My Fingers Crossed
11. Welcome to the Rest of Your Life
12. The Family Tree
13. Starting Here Again
14. The Man You Think I Am
15. If I Were You
16. One Quiet Day


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