High & Mighty, new Gov't Mule album for august!
"Countrified", Emerson Drive new release

Valentine reissue featuring Frank Stallone at cdbaby!


Finally after almost 30 years valentine is back!
This new jersey based group included founder and lead singer Frank Stallone. stallone started Valentine in 1968 in philadelphia. the group at one time included john oates (hall & oates). this lineup on this cd includes Frank Stallone, Bob Tangrea, and Jody Giambelluca.
Later bill ring and Peter Glassboro were added. this line up survived from 1973 till 1978. they became one of the more popular groups in the south jersey area for years.
they were signed to rca records in 1975 and were produced by Tony Camillo ( of midnight train to georgia fame). Included is their first release (take you back) from the film rocky.
stallone say's when rocky came out it all but ruined us, everyone thought we just started playing guitars when the film was released.
Stallone say's this is a fine album, but it never really captured us. we were much more gritty live, and we didn't have horns. this cd is a remastered version of the original album from the artwork down to the songlist. sit back and enjoy a gem from the 70's.


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