Pure Prairie League is back "all in good time".
“MAESTROS OF COOL” songs from Steely Dan featuring David Garfield, Alex Ligertwood, Debbie Deane, Michael Landau...

Jerry Lopez with Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns!


Jerry Lopez strives to achieve excellence in every endeavor that he pursues. From record and jingle production and musical direction to consultation in every area of music and recording. The list of artists that Jerry has performed with, recorded for, and produced, is longer than this website allows, but some of them include: Ricky Martin, Tom Scott, Bill Champlin, Jay Graydon, Larry Williams, Grover Washington Jr., and many many more.

His first cd "Negrita" is unfortunetly sold-out but you can download the music at ITUNES and other digital media download sites.


Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns

For 30 years Santa Fe has been one of Las Vegas' Crown Jewels, never giving less than 100% to their audiences.
This band has been a "farm club" for many big acts, shows, and bands, and many incredible musicians have honored it's ranks. The latest incarnation of this band features a 6 piece horn section, and an 8 piece rhythm section that includes 4 lead singers.This is no ordinary band. In the words of founder and leader Jerry Lopez:

"This band is the culmination of the dreams of all of the individual musicians in the band. We all dreamed about what the “ideal” gig would be, and it went something like this:To play music that moved, challenged and inspired us without the usual external restrictions, influences, or boundaries that come with every other (paying)gig,… To make that music with people we love and respect both personally and musically,….. And to be able to share it with others.
That is what Santa Fe & the Fat City horns is about."

Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns's new "Live" Double DVD and CD packages are here!
Recorded live in the TRAX Nighclub of the Palace Station in July 2005, the set features 20 songs including Pages cover song "Take my heart away" and Bill Champlin's Love is gonna find you.


See the Santa Fe blog for much more:


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Numbah One Fan

It was great seeing you perform at the E-STRING on tuesday.The band sounded great. I will pass along your website to jeni when I talk to her.
talk to you soon.

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