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Jonatha Brooke Live in New York


Jonatha says about the new Live cd/dvd: "The show at the Anspacher, a small theatre in the larger complex of theatres at the Public Theatre in New York, was a real fantasy for me. I'd always dreamed of doing an extended run in my new home town, really digging in to a setting, a vibe, and choosing the music that would span a whole range of dynamics. All presented in a space where the audience is right there… every nuance, every expression, all the interaction between the musicians is seen, felt, heard.
We got some great footage, the sound was amazing, the audience was lovely. I love what we got. From "damn everything but the circus" to "Landmine" to "no net below." There's a real journey. My band was so awesome for the whole ten nights.
This DVD/CD is a dream come true. It's raw, and real, it's exactly how it went down. There are tiny solo and duo songs and large, epic rockers. Goffrey really outdid himself on "Inconsolable" and Ann Marie brings a whole new vibe to "Sally" with her clarinet. I am a lucky lucky girl. Anyway, I hope you love it as much as I do."



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