Amazing Bill LaBounty and Robbie Dupree (feat. Larry Hoppen from Orleans) concert at The Casino de Paris tonight!
Bill LaBounty and Robbie Dupree at The Casino de Paris past saturday: your pictures and videos...

Bill LaBounty and Robbie Dupree at The Casino de Paris... Another article about the concert written by Philippe Poudensan

Longtime french Westcoast music fan Philippe Poudensan sent us this report about the Bill LaBounty / Robbie Dupree concert last saturday at The Casino de Paris - Paris, France. Enjoy and thanks to him for this great review.

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From Philippe Poudensan:

"Yes indeed saturday was a very special night in Paris. I already had a chance to see Bill LaBounty and Robbie Dupree live and both shows were pretty good but saturday there was something different in the air. Everybody on stage and in the hall had a big smile on his face, there was a sort of magic in the Casino de Paris. The music itself was different. Of course we all knew the songs but I had never heard them played with so much soul and joy. I guess the rhythm section can explain that, Peter Bunetta and Rick Chudacoff smoking hard and giving a more soulful touch but the unique interaction between the band and us was incredible.

I had never realized also how much Bill LaBounty was a fantastic keyboard player, I heard a lot of influences in his playing, a lot of jazz (Bill Evans when he was playing soft) and a lot of rhythm and blues too, with a sort of Ray Charles or Michael McDonald in it, still sounding like nobody else.
Bill, when will you record an album of your songs with just you singing and playing Fender rhodes? And yes, Bill was kind enough to spend some time with my godmother, wishing her an happy birthday.

Then Robbie, obviously happy to be there and living a special moment like he told us.He talked a lot with the audience, played some smoking and bluesy harmonica soli, diving deep into the infectious groove that the whole rhythm section was creating.

David Sancious too was perfect, inspired at every moment, a top player, total respect for that men.
And what about "Livin'it up" and "Look who's lonely now", after the band stopped playing, we all kept on singing, we simply didn't want the songs, and the night, to end, and the band started again playing, laughing!!!

I'll never forget that night, a big thank you to the artists and a big one too to Richard Benhaïm for making that night possible. See you all next year, who will be the next on the bill?"


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