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"Enjoy the ride" with Sugarland


The story of Sugarland is one of those fairy-tale country music successes that just warms your heart. For one thing, it has the most idyllic of starts: an early morning round of coffee at an Atlanta Starbucks where Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush sat down and penned a list of their dreams on a napkin.

1.) Balance being in a band and having a family
2.) Get a Grammy nomination
3.) Sell a million records

Check. Check. And double check. In the two years since the Top Five single "Baby Girl" put Sugarland on the map, they've accomplished more than anyone ever expected, least of all Jennifer and Kristian themselves. With almost three million copies sold of their Mercury Nashville debut, Twice The Speed Of Life, an American Music Award for "Favorite Breakthrough Artist," an Academy of Country Music Award for "New Duo/Group of the Year," a Grammy nomination for "Best New Artist," six CMA nods, arena tours from coast-to-coast and appearances on national TV shows like The Tonight Show and Good Morning America, the little band that could did, in a big way. "Once we hit the million mark, that was a head-scratcher for me," says Kristian. "Anything past that, I never imagined."


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