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Lonestar's new album, "Mountains"!


Multi-platinum selling group Lonestar released their ninth studio album, Mountains, on October 17th. The album shows the band’s ability to push themselves both musically and creatively to make a recording that relays their passion for the important things in life. This, all while capturing their signature sound that fans have grown to know and love.

“Working with (new producer) Mark Bright was a turning point for us, because he pushed us to record passionate songs that we all believed in,” said Richie McDonald. “We are extremely proud of the music that we’ve made and hope that our fans will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

The album’s high points are many. From “Cowboy Girl,” a rowdy upbeat ode to a woman of the Texas variety, to “I Wanna Do It For You” co-written by Dean Sams about a friend who offers love and devotion but wants to be more, to the Richie-penned “Hey God” a piece of pure optimism in giving a simple prayer of thanks, this album is a true testament to what all four members of Lonestar stand for. Throughout, Richie's voice has never been stronger or more passionate, and the instrumental and vocal backing has never provided a more solid setting for them as a group.

"I feel like this band is stronger than ever," said Dean Sams, "This album has breathed yet another breath of fresh air into us as we still have so much more left to say.”

Lonestar, who have been making music together for over ten years, have shown no signs of slowing down with a rigorous touring schedule across the U.S. Their current single, ‘Mountains,’ from the album of the same name, has struck a cord with fans and is #21 on the Billboard charts and climbing.


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