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News from Doc Kupka's Strokeland records!


Strokeland Records was founded by Stephen 'Doc' Kupka, with the help of Andy Ebon, in 1998. Founded as a platform for Doc's prodigious songwriting, Strokeland Records became the launchpad for the Strokeland Superband, a project assembling the best musicians and vocalists from Tower of Power, past and present, and other great musicians with special links to this music.

Doc Kupka asked Jeff Tamelier to serve as musical director and co-producer on the first Strokeland Superband project, "Kick It Up a Step!".

In addition to Doc and Jeff, the first Strokeland Superband project quickly included such greats as David Garibaldi, Francis Rocco Prestia, Jim Pugh, Mic Gillette, Marvin McFadden, David Woodward, David Stone, and Lenny Pickett, in addition to even more great guest musicians. On vocals, Doc assembled some of the very best, including Huey Lewis, Bill Champlin, Mickey Thomas, Frank Biner, Glenn Walters, and John Lee Sanders.

With the success of "Kick It Up a Step", the Strokeland Superband was again assembled to release Glenn Walters' King of Retro Cool in 2000.

In 2005, yet another milestone was set with the release of The Law According to Fred Ross featuring the Strokeland Superband.

The Strokeland Superband is at work yet again with the upcoming album Bumped Up to First Class. Doc promises that this hot release will harken back to the flavor of the one that started it all, "Kick It Up a Step".

Doc discusses a little of the history of Strokeland Records and talks about his two new projects in the works: "Doc Goes Hollywood" and "Bumped Up to First Class". See the video interview here!


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