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Dawayne Bailey's new album, "Joyland"!

"Waters of Love"


Michael Ruff long-awaited CD, "Waters Of Love" - Gospel Live! is certainly one of Michael Ruff's most important and powerful works. "The songs were recorded in front of a live audience (soul food, folding chairs). So many gifted people having a praise party!" The songs, arrangements, performances and production values are all unmistakably Michael Ruff and his incredible friends, in His calling.

Water of Love features artists Joey Heredia, Marco Mendoza, James Harrah, Alex Acuna & Tata vega among others.

Tracklist: On my knees, Bring you to Jesus, If you only knew him, There is a savior, Faith, Wonderful Jesus, Waters of love, Testimony, Have you seen a change & On my knees


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