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Robert Lamm's "Leap of faith", Live in New Zealand DVD available on february 10th!


The long awaited "Leap of Faith" DVD by Robert Lamm is scheduled for release on February 10, 2007. This DVD features the LIVE Solo Concert of Robert Lamm in New Zealand, Bonus Footage from the Los Angeles Knitting Factory and an Interview with Robert Lamm.

Robert Lamm's "Leap of Faith" Limited DVD is available for Pre-Sale at the cost of :
US $27.00 – USA
US $30.00 - International
Shipping and handling is included.

Please email [email protected] if you are ordering more than one DVD for additional shipping charges. This offer is for PayPal payments ONLY. You will be saving the $2.00 Paypal fee until January 26th.

Also, Robert worked in late September 2006 on what he calls "The Bossa Project". A collection of original songs inspired by Jobim, Gilberto, and others. He has recorded 14 songs so far, some classic Bossa Nova songs from that era (early 60's), as well as some very fine under-exposed standards. John Van Eps is arranging, producing and playing.

In addition, he has been approached by yet another international record company to record an album of new original material. He began writing songs for this project and will explore collaboration with other musicians, writers and producers.

America : "Here & Now"


Here is a review that you could read on allmusic website
Even during its '70s heyday, soft rock never gained much respect, and of those soft rockers, perhaps no other act received as much disdain as America, a group inspired equally by the folk-rock of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the pop of the Beatles. Aside from epitomizing the qualities that made soft rock anathema for hipsters and rock critics — America, like the style itself, was too smooth, melodic, and square to be considered cool — it's quite likely that the band received the brunt of the criticism because they wore their influences too plainly: their 1972 number one hit "A Horse with No Name" sounded uncannily like Neil Young, and they were produced by the fifth Beatle, George Martin, two moves that made it appear to some that America was acting as heirs to a throne that they did not deserve. They were also seen, along with fellow California soft rockers the Eagles, as diluting and perverting the ideals of folk-rock, turning it into bland pap for the masses, and they were scorned by the taste-makers for it: the second edition of the Rolling Stone Record Guide rated all their studio albums between zero and one stars, while Robert Christgau rated their 1975 compilation History: America's Greatest Hits a C-. America may not have been acclaimed, but they were popular, with "Ventura Highway," "A Horse with No Name," "Tin Man," "Lonely People," and "Sister Golden Hair" all reaching the Billboard Top Ten in the first half of the '70s, all on the strength of their impeccable melodic craft and easy, sunny vibes — qualities that turned out to be enduring, too, as these songs remained staples on oldies and soft pop stations well into the new millennium, earning new fans along the way, fans who weren't preoccupied with America's image and enjoyed the music on its own mellow terms. Among these fans were Gen-Xers like Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne and former Smashing Pumpkin James Iha, whose 1998 solo debut, Let It Come Down, was bathed in a hazy, sunny glow that was unmistakably reminiscent of America. Generation X was notorious for ironically embracing and reviving '70s icons, but there was no trace of irony behind Schlesinger and Iha's love of America, as their production of Here & Now, America's 16th studio album and first unabashed attempt at a comeback, proves.
Schlesinger and Iha achieve something remarkable with Here & Now: they leave no fingerprints behind. The duo helms a production that is on paper a textbook indie rock hipster comeback record — complete with cameos by Ryan Adams and Ben Kweller and covers of My Morning Jacket and Nada Surf — but the finished album never sounds self-conscious or cloying, it sounds true to the sound and spirit of America. From the warm, welcoming production to the sweet harmonies, mellow vibes, and smooth melodies, Here & Now could easily be mistaken for an America album from the mid-'70s. There has been no attempt to modernize the group; Schlesinger and Iha have merely brought Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell back to their strengths. Gone are the heavy layers of synthesizers that plagued America since the early '80s; gone are the earnest but meandering adult pop that made such '90s albums as Hourglass and Human Nature underwhelming. In their place are layers of melody and harmony presented simply and cleanly through songs that so easy to enjoy that it's easy to overlook how well constructed they are. This understated craft also means that Here & Now does not produce any revelations about the band or how they influenced the modern musicians who wisely blend into the background here, but the quiet nature of this album fits comfortably with the best of the band's work. Indeed, like the hits that are still heard on oldies radio — and are also revived here in a live bonus disc, where Beckley and Bunnell perform every song on History — the songs on Here & Now are appealing upon first listen but reveal their true strength upon repeated spins, as the melodies begin to catch hold in the subconscious and the warmth of the music feels friendly and familiar. On these repeated listens, Here & Now gains stature and it not only feels like a successful comeback, but the record that America fans of all ages have been waiting decades to hear.
Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Tracks :
1 Chasing the Rainbow
2 Indian Summer
3 One Chance
4 Golden
5 Always Love
6 Ride On
7 Love & Leaving
8 Look at Me Now
9 This Time
10 Work to Do
11 All I Think About Is You
12 Walk in the Woods

disc 2
13 Ventura Highway [live]
14 Don't Cross the River [live]
15 Daisy Jane [live]
16 I Need You [live]
17 Tin Man [live]
18 Muskrat Love [live]
19 Woman Tonight [live]
20 Only in Your Heart [live]
21 Lonely People [live]
22 Sandman [live]
23 Sister Golden Hair [live]
24 A Horse with No Name [live]

"A Drop of Change", New project by Claus H. Leonhardt and Jerry Lopez


Regarding, we learn that early 2006 the danish singer Claus H. Leonhardt and the latin artists Jerry Lopez decided to form "A Drop Of Change", a music project between the continents. Claus H. Leonhardt is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Jerry Lopez lives in Los Angeles, the music city at the west coast of US. The music style is catchy pop with influences from the latin and west coast music. Now the first three songs has been recorded and is released as a promo cd and hopefully a full album to follow. To back up on the tracks you can hear Bill Champlin, Greg Mathieson, Larry Williams and top latin studio musicians.

Peoble that want the cd can get it by writing to Claus

Focus on Steve Grisaffe...


Steve Grisaffe was born November 26, 1965 in the rural town of New Iberia, Louisiana into a family with three siblings ranging in age from six to four. Mom was kept very busy by his siblings, so Steve was left in his crib with his electronic babysitter, the radio. Little did anyone know this would define Steve’s destiny.

A swamp boy by nature, and a music fan by destiny, Steve began playing guitar at the young age of nine. This was partly due to wanting to escape from rural life, but mostly due to the Elvis Presley concert he went to in 1975. He saw all the screaming fans reactions to this man that bumped and gyrated on stage. To Steve, he appeared to be from another planet because of the effect he had on everyone including him.

Immediately after seeing Elvis, Steve knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted not just to be a musician but one that left an impression on all that witnessed his performances.

Steve’s first chance to perform was in High School in the early '80's. Influenced by bands such as Journey, Boston, ZZ Top, and Peter Frampton, Steve started a band called Eclipse. They performed at the local skating rink, parties, and High School events. Since the band members were too young to drive, Steve’s mother would drive the family’s red Cadillac with an orange U-Haul trailer attached, watch and wait while they performed, and bring them all home. Steve recalled that this was not exactly the “high class music idol’s tour bus” but effective all the same.

After High School in 1984, and still playing music, Steve visited a local music store to check out a new guitar. He was seen playing the guitar and offered a steady gig on weekends to play country music. At the time, Steve had never considered country music but once he began playing, he fell in love with it and knew it was his calling.

The next few years saw Steve playing in bands such as Boot Leg, and Bayou. Bayou’s lead singer at the time was none other than Trace Adkins. He also played bass with Louisiana’s legendary Sammy Kershaw up to 1989.

While Steve was enjoying the opportunities to play with such would be greats as Trace Adkins and Sammy Kershaw, he knew he wanted more. So, in a garage in the little town of Maurice, Louisiana, his own great beginning was born. The band, River Road, was the joining of musicians from some of his past bands, but the beginning of Steve’s unique sound.The band began taking off in Louisiana and Texas. They made a name for themselves when in 1991 they placed second in the Nashville National Marlboro Country Music Contest. It was only a matter of time before the band received its big break. In 1994, with Steve as lead singer, they secured a development deal with Sony records under the production of Gary Nicholson (writer of "One More Last Chance" by Vince Gill and "Trouble With The Truth" by Patty Loveless) and Paul Worley, producer for such acts as The Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride, and Collin Ray.


Now well on their way, Steve and the band got signed to Capital Records in 1996 which was in the production years of Scott Hendricks known for (Faith Hill, Brooks & Dunn, Allen Jackson and a total of 41 hits). During this time, 1997, River Road racked up several accomplishments of their own; three Billboard national singles were charted. They were "I Broke It, I’ll Fix It" at #42, "Nick A Jack" at #38, and "Somebody Will" at #48.

Hendricks then moved to Virgin Records Nashville in 1998 and River Road followed him under the production of Trey Bruce (Chris Ledoux). A single was released in 2000 known as "Breathless" peaking at #41.


Without warning, after charting four national billboard singles, three Country Music videos airing on CMT and GAC, after performing in seven foreign countries for the USO Troops Tour, and many live national television appearances, Virgin Records dissolved and with it, Steve’s beloved River Road.

Taking a much needed break from the road and performing, Steve came home to Louisiana and produced several Louisiana acts such as Warren Storm, six year old Cajun sensation, Hunter Hayes, and rising Country star Blake Luquette. While producing, Steve met record label owner Eddy Deloney of Ralph Records. This would prove to be a defining moment in Steve’s music career.

With his hopes and dreams very much alive, Steve began working on his latest project, "Current Status" to be released in the fall of 2001. It is a self-expression of him as an artist and what music means to him. This C D will take you on a journey through all of life’s emotions, love, hurt, recovery, joy, and happiness. It is sung in the soulful unique sound Steve has accomplished and proven to make him one of the premier vocalist on a national level.

After being out on the road for the last fifteen years, Steve has come home to his roots and to realize his destiny. He is destined to bring a unique memorable sound that he has created and was born within him from the electronic babysitter in his crib through the emotions and experiences of following his dream. Steve brings you his finest work ever.

Stefano Frollano's debut album!


Stephano Frollano was born in Rome on 26th July 1962. He began playing classical guitar at the age of 13 and after two years left school to devote his time to rock music.
Following his first “teenage” band called “Simbiosi”, and a series of performances with Fabio Landi, in 1983 he started playing at the same time with both Karma, a Roman Sixties Revival Group as well as a rock-cover blues group Skydog (Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, SRV,R.Cray, Dire Straits, N.Young etc.). The group was made up of Giancarlo Guidoni on drums, already a session-player and musician with numerous Italian artists; Pino Casale on base and Gianfranco Orlandi on guitar.

Frollano has to his credit played with other Italian musicians including vocalist Andrea Satta and pianist Angelo Pelini (who founded the “Tetes de Bois” in the early ‘90s) in the group called “Charleston”; moreover he was the opening act for concerts of U.S. Singer-songwriters (Joe Henry) and sang and played live with Crosby, Stills and Nash in 1992.

His love for West Coast music led him in the mid ‘80s to found the “Blue Flares”, a group in which, among others, also played Joe Slomp (vocalist and keyboard), Marco Martella (vocalist and writer of lyrics for some of Frollano’s songs) and Francesco Lucarelli (guitar and vocalist). With Lucarelli, he performed on a host of occasions in Rome clubs.

On June 2006 Stefano has released his own first cd with original numbers for the American and Italian market. Among those who have so far played in the recordings, which were made in both Italy and the United States, are Jeff Pevar (guitar, lap steel, mandolin, currently with CPR and previously with Ray Charles, Rickie Lee Jones, Crosby and Nash, Joe Cocker, Marc Cohn, CSN and several others), James Raymond from CPR and CSN bands on keyboards, while Italian guests include Ada Montellanico (unique jazz singer/song writer), Marco Vannozzi (former bass guitar player with Strada Aperta and Antonello Venditti), Marco Campanari (bass player with “Latte e I Suoi Derivati), Ruggero Artale from World Percussion (percussionist), Francesco Lo Cascio on vibraphone, Walter Detond on drums from Roberto Ciotti Blues Band. Other female singers appearing on these tracks are Gabriella Paravati (outstanding performer of a number of Italian singer/songwriter works, live and in the studio) Francesca Mora who today plays on keyboard and sings with Waterfall, an Italian West Coast music cover group and Francesca Fagioli with her own celestial voice.

Firefall Guitarist Debut CD Features All-Star Line-up


Rock 'n' Roll is alive and well as rock music legends convene in the Colorado Mountains to record on a hot new CD! Jock Bartley, lead guitarist, songwriter and leader of '70s U.S. rock sensations Firefall, has just completed his debut solo CD entitled Blindside. Bartley is best known for his inspired work on such classic Firefall hits as "You Are The Woman", "Just Remember I Love You", "Strange Way", "Cinderella" and "Mexico". Recorded between January and August 2006, Blindside features guest appearances by such rock luminaries as:
*Richie Furay, former Poco member and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee with the Buffalo Springfield,
*Rusty Young from Poco,
*John McEuen and Jimmie Fadden of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band,
*Mark Andes from Spirit, Heart and Firefall,
*John Magne from The Subdudes,
*Brian Nevin from Big Head Todd And The Monsters,
*Michael Travis of The String Cheese Incident,
*Bob Harris from Warren Zevon, Frank Zappa and Axe, along with many other notable musicians and singers.

Songs from Blindside effortlessly span the musical spectrum - from rock to pop to blues, the album showcases Bartley's extraordinary songwriting talents. The tender, heartfelt ballad "Veronica So Fair" not only displays Jock's vocal prowess, but could quite possibly be one of the finest love songs ever written! All songs on Blindside were written by the Firefall guitarist, who also produced the album. Another highlight of this exciting new CD is the positive message song "Call On Me", which was originally written in 1998 for Suicide Prevention. The song became an anthem of sorts for the cause and the national crises hotline, 1(800) SUICIDE. A portion of the proceeds from the sales and performance of "Call On Me" will be donated back to Suicide Prevention, helping to reverse the terrible national statistics.

Blindside is now available on the new independent record label Winged Horses Records. It is also available on and My Space for individual songs or entire CD download. Blindside can also soon be purchased online from, iTunes and E-Bay. In support of Bartley's new album, plans for a major tour of the US and Europe are in the formative stages.

In Addition to his new CD and continuing work with Firefall, Jock is an artist of growing renown. Four of his Beatles paintings are featured in a new coffee table book released worldwide, entitled Beatles Art - Fantastic New Artworks of The Fab Four, in which Jock has also written the foreword. Borders Books is sponsoring a number of Colorado and national book signing 'events' in which they will also display, promote and sell his solo CD Blindside.