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Carly Simon Sings Modern Classics On her new Album, "Into White"


"Into White", a new collection of beloved pop standards and touching traditional lullabies was released on January 2, 2007.
Produced by Carly Simon and Jimmy Parr, the songs on "Int White" are performed by musicians Teese Gohl, Peter Calo, Jan Hyer and David Saw. Ben & Sally Taylor contribute their unique vocals.

Carly remarks, "We've discovered towards the end of the recording process that this is very much an album for grownups, as well as children. The album is very, very soothing....it doesn't startle you. It just does nice things to you."


I loved this album. As a little girl I would sing several of these songs. When my boys were babies I would rock them and sing most of these songs to them too. I loved the meories they brought back and one day when I have grandchildren I will be able to play your album and sing along rocking to a new generation. This time around I will have all the words correct! Thank You so much for the beautiful album.

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