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"In this life", Stan Bush's new album


Frontiers Records is pleased to present all details of STAN BUSH brand new album “In This Life” to be released on April 20th 2007 !

STAN BUSH is a real Melodic Rock icon. With “In This Life” - his 10th studio album - Stan was able new heights of maturity as a world-class songwriter/recording artist!. Featuring the trademark powerful melodies that have made Stan a popular artist around the world, his new album is easily his best ever!

“I am really proud of these songs” says Stan. “I think this album is the most complete, enjoyable and in a word best album in my entire career”.

Helped with the production and arrangements work by his longtime collaborator Holger Fath, “In This Life” is a true Melodic Rock gem. Songwriters on the album include Stan, Holger and Curt Cuomo (KISS, EDDIE MONEY), while musicians include drummer Matt Laug (ALICE COOPER, RICHARD MARX, EDDIE MONEY, ANASTACIA etc.) and Lance Morrison on bass guitar (ALANIS MORRISSETTE, DON HENLEY etc). Holger Fath’s guitar work and keyboard programming together with Bush distinctive vocals, all combine to make it a brilliant rock album!

“The title track has an almost spiritual message about searching for truth” explains Stan, “While “Take It All the Way” is about going for it “. Another very special song is “Southern Rain”: a heartfelt ‘unplugged’ acoustic song about Stan’s early years growing up in Florida and also features a guest appearance by guitarist Rocket Ritchotte (DAVID LEE ROTH, RICK SRINGFIELD). Other songs on the album are about love and life, and all share a common message of living life full-out.

The Ladder returns!


Regarding, Escape Music will release the new studio album from The Ladder on April 23 in Europe. The Ladder is: Steve Overland – Vocals (FM, Shadowman) / Pete Jupp – Drums (FM) / Bob Skeat – Bass (Wild Life / Wishbone Ash) / Gerhard Pichler - Guitars.
The new album is produced by Steve Overland and Pete Jupp and was recorded at Voodoo Lounge Studio's, Harrow, London, UK.
The Ladder created a stir at the end of 2004 with their debut Future Miracles and continue their domination of classic melodic rock. The band is centred around the massive vocal talents of Steve Overland, the voice behind the greatest British melodic rock band of the eighties; FM. Also in the band are fellow FM musicians Pete Jupp and Bob Skeat. Vinny Burns of Ten has now been replaced by Gerard Pichler.
The debut by The Ladder was a dream come true for all fans of FM as many of the songs were FM songs that never saw the light of day. With this in mind, Future Miracles was welcome by fans old and new and it was hailed by many as the best album of 2004. A difficult task for the band lay ahead, recording a follow up to the debut was never going to be easy. However, here we are with Sacred, an album that hones the identity of The Ladder. What we have here is melodic rock that reflects the times, with the classic Overland vocal prowess. Beautiful melodies and strong song-writing are all present here, this is very strong material and will whisk the band to the grand heights they deserve. A new Era has dawned…

About new album by Bill Champlin...

Regarding, here are the words of Bill Champlin about his next solo album: "Guys, there's been talk of a new solo album and I've kept a pretty low profile about it 'cause sometimes these things fall through. So far this hasn't, and probably won't. Anyway, it's being co-produced by me and Mark Eddinger, a friend from New Hampshire who's played on a lot of sessions and with a lot of bands over the years. He has a great set of ears, which helps when I'm in the phones; it's nice to trust the guy in the booth. It's being released by a new company, Dreamakers. They also own the studio in New Jersey that we cut basics at, The Barber Shop. The owner of the whole mess is this really cool guy named Scott Barber, who also is a singer/songwriter. One of the things that attracted me to this company is that everybody plays and understands what music is supposed to be, rather than what it seems to have become. That doesn't mean that they wanna' go back in time; it means that they want it to be good for music's sake.

I've been dreaming about doing this album for a long time, a dream that is shared by my friends--Bruce Gaitsch, Billy Ward and George Hawkins Jr. We've wanted to do a quartet record since the time when we used to jam regularly at a club in LA called The Mint. We originally thought of this as the "Swampy" or "Bluesy" record, but after sending my rough demos to Mark Eddinger and Dennis Damico, the "song guy" at Dreamakers, we decided to cut what we considered the best songs and make 'em just feel soulful. When I say "song guy" it's becase I hesitate to say A & R man, so "song guy" will do, since A & R are the 2 most dangerous letters in music. Dennis is a great guy who also has ears, and plays great guitar too! See??!!"


The very best of The Doobie Brothers


Rhino Records's first-ever two-disc Doobies collection gathers 33 hits and classics spanning 1971-2000. Includes "Listen To The Music," "Jesus Is Just Alright," "China Grove," "Minute By Minute," "What A Fool Believes," and many more.

The Doobie Brothers got their start in the late '60s, playing their upbeat, melodic, guitar-driven, multipart-harmony rock in the biker bars and hippie joints of Northern and Central California. Signed to Warner Bros. in 1971, the Doobies released the first in an unbroken string of ten platinum and/or gold albums through 1981. The band went through several personnel changes, the most notable being cofounder Tom Johnston's exit in 1976 and pop/R&B singer/songwriter Michael McDonald joining to lead them through a more sophisticated and even more successful musical phase. The Doobies split up in 1982 but reunited in '88 with many original members, cut another Gold-certified album, and continued to rock down the highway.

"Influence" by Shaw Blades


INFLUENCE, the sophomore album by Shaw Blades—led by Styx/Damn Yankees guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw and Night Ranger/Damn Yankees bassist/vocalist Jack Blades, which is set for release March 6, 2007 on VH1 Classic Records. The self-produced album was mixed by Noel Golden (Matchbox Twenty, Willie Nelson) and Great White keyboardist/guitarist Michael Lardie. The first single, “Your Move,” will be serviced to radio in January.

INFLUENCE is the duo’s first album since their recently re-released 1995 debut, HALLUCINATION. Like the debut--and unlike their history-carving decades as icons in the more hard-rock minded Styx, Night Ranger and Damn Yankees--the latest release is rooted in acoustic guitar and organic production, harvesting a decade of musical influences into 11 tracks (on which Blades and Shaw played all the music except for drums and the occasional keyboards). With classics from the ‘60s and ‘70s including the Mamas and the Papas’ “California Dreamin’,” Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” and Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work,” INFLUENCE offers a track-by-track chronology of the musical era that helped define modern rock.

Whether the songs are delivered in faithful tribute, as is the case with Simon & Garfunkel’s epic masterpiece “Sounds of Silence,” or given a modern rock transfusion, as in the duo’s 1966 folk anthem “I Am a Rock,” the results are the same, sparkling like a beacon illuminating the mainstream roots of rock and roll’s formative years.

“I cringe at the thought of Paul Simon hearing our stuff,” laughs Blades, only half-jokingly. “I honor his spirit so much, and I’m such a huge fan. As far as I’m concerned, they invented the word genius to go along with him, and we just wanted to make sure that we did their songs justice. Tommy and I have that special symbiotic relationship that doesn’t come along a lot. Simon & Garfunkel also had it, we have a reverence to it, and it was something that we just wanted to dig into.”

“As writers, we’re like two old friends who finish each other’s sentences,” adds Shaw. “We became best friends as a result of the music and the experiences we’ve had because of it.”

But INFLUENCE isn’t about the experiences of Shaw Blades, it’s about the inspiration that helped create the experiences. “This album has been years in the making,” continues the Styx/Damn Yankees guitarist. “The recording process didn’t take years, but the concept had been looming in our conversations for a long time. We’d always sit around with a couple of guitars and play songs we both knew from or younger days, spontaneous harmonizing and all that, and we slowly eased into the idea of making this record.”

One of the most prolific duos in the history of hard rock, Shaw and Blades have sold more than 50 million albums amongst their three bands, scored 12 Top 10 singles on the Billboard “Hot 100” chart, debuted 16 albums in the Billboard “Top 200” albums chart, and share joint songwriting credits for the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Cher and Alice Cooper.

In touring news, a U.S. trek is currently in the works and Shaw Blades hope to bring their music to their fans closer to the album release date.

“You can always tell a brilliant song, whether it was written 30 years ago or yesterday,” says Blades. “Every song we picked is identifiable in its own right, and they’re all immediately recognizable. What does that tell you? That the songs are the stars. That’s what we wanted to do on this record, we wanted the songs to be the stars. I think that’s what we accomplished.”

New Reo Speedwagon album due in March!


Regarding, Kevin Cronin says: "After many hours in the studio with the team, we are really happy to announce that the new REO Speedwagon album Everyone Loves A Happy Ending will be released on March 26.
The birth of our new baby represents the "happy ending" of one chapter, and the beginning of writing a brand new one in the band's history. We hope you'll take the journey with us and continue to show us your love, your stories and your smiling faces. You guys are the reason we do it.
Please go to the iPlayer at to hear clips from 2 more tracks entitled Dangerous Combination and Let My Love Find You. We'll be in touch soon with release details and a new website. Thanks. KC and REO."

Focus on Steve Nieves


Saxophonist/vocalist/percussionist Steve Nieves was raised on a virtual smorgasbord of musical styles in his hometown of San Diego, California. As his parents possessed a love for all kinds of music, he grew up with an unlikely mix of recordings that ranged from artists like James Brown to Sergio Mendes,

The Jazz Crusaders to Tito Puente, and many others. Beginning his studies on the alto sax at age 7, young Nieves also started a love affair with percussion, which seemed a natural step for him since he comes from a family of drummers. Adding lead vocals to his arsenal, a teenage Nieves took to the thriving San Diego music scene and soon he was in demand as both a sideman and leader. By his twenties he had worked alongside some of the areas top players including Jason Scheff (now with CHICAGO) and members of the popular smooth jazz group FATTBURGER.

In 1981, Steve made the move north to the Los Angeles area and began touring and recording with a national R&B act. It wasn't long before he had his first major recording contract, signing with Motown Records in 1984 as the front man for JAKATA. That began a longstanding relationship with producer Steve Barri (responsible for signing STEELY DAN). He appeared on DAVE MASON's recording, "Two Hearts" (MCA Records), alongside Stevie Winwood and Phoebe Snow. In 1998, Steve released his solo album "Dream Harvest" (JVC Records) which included both keyboardist Jeff Lorber and bass giant Abraham Laborial.


In 1999, Steve and his longtime collaborators formed the group JANGO. Under Barri's guidance they released the album "Dreamtown" (Samson Records) which included a cover of Victor Feldman's "With Your Love" that went on to earn JANGO a nomination for "Best New Artist of the Year" at the 2000 National Smooth Jazz Awards. Their second release "Closer To Home" earned them a spot at Europe's famed North Sea Jazz Festival in 2001.

The new millennium finds Steve as busy as ever juggling appearances with JANGO, as well as renowned guitarist/producer Chieli Minucci (SPECIAL EFX). In the summer of 2005, Steve was tapped for the Loggins & Messina "Sittin' in Again" reunion band. A DVD of the fifty-city tour is available online and at all major outlets. Since 2001, he has been a regular member of the Lao Tizer Band. Lao (another nominee for "Best New Smooth Jazz Artist") has just released his latest CD "Diversify" (Yse Records) which includes Steve on saxophone, percussion, and vocals. Steve can also be found on an upcoming release by southern California's latest entry into the smooth jazz world, Pro2Call. From Maui to Amsterdam and beyond, he continues to broaden his musical journey in fresh and exciting ways.