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"Songs from L.A." by Noriyuki Makihara


Noriyuki Makihara is a well-known J-Pop singer and songwriter, nicknamed "Macky" by his fans. Noriyuki has just released "Songs from L.A." his new compilation album featuring songs by Bobby Caldwell, Tommy Funderburk, George Duke, Jason Scheff, Robbie Dupree, Kim Carnes, Justin Andres, Bill Champlin and Timothy Drury.

1. Bobby Caldwell - Answer
2. Tommy Funderburk - Darling
3. George Duke - Yes
4. Jason Scheff - Love Letter
5. Robbie Dupree - Under the doogwood tree
6. Kim Carnes - It's Clear Sky Again Today
7. Joseph Williams - You're My Angel Falling Hopless For Me
8. Justin Andres - 'Cause You're My Treasure
9. Bill Champlin - North Wind
10. Timothy Drury - Home Sweet Home
11. Bobby Kimball - Red Nose Reindeer

I am sure you will grab his previous cd in the same vein titled "Songs from N.Y." :-)


1. Star Ferry - Tom Keane
2. 24hr Supermarket - Nathan East
3. Such a Lovely Place - Frankie Jordan
4. 遠く遠く - Alex Ligertwood
5. どんなときも - Stephen Bishop
6. Milk - Bill Cantos
7. Stripe - Peter Beckett
8. Penguin - Kelly Keagy
9. Happy Game - Marc Jordan
10. Tag Team - Richard Page


Anything with Peter Beckett's vocals on it is worth listening to...and every penny!

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