Interview with Kevin Cronin at about Reo Speedwagon new album "Find your own way Home"
Big Street, a new band to discover!

Bill Champlin talks about his new solo album...

On his website, Bill talks about the work in progress on his new album:
"I've been busy doing vocals on my new solo album, between little 2 week runs with Chicago this last winter and early spring. I had what we think may have been pneumonia for a month in there, and I coughed so much and so badly that I thought it was still the 60's and some Afghani Oil Pressed Primo just came in. Anybody remember what they called "Surfboards?" I digress. The album is coming along really well, and you're gonna' love some of the guests I invited to be on it. I wish I could have done more, but with the time I had and the schedules we had to juggle, I think I got some real "Monsters" on the CD. We did horns with The Santa Fe/ Fat City Horns in Las Vegas, and while I was there I got Jerry Lopez to sing a little. A few other kids are on it, too."



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