Alain Chamfort's "Rock'n Rose" now available!
Craig Bickhardt's new cd "No road back" and IdleWheel project with Jack Sundrud!

Joseph Williams et Jason Scheff on new japanese soundtrack


Thanks to our friend Nick for that news: "Blue Wolf : To The Ends of the Earth and Sea", a Japanese major movie released in March 2007 will also be released more than 60 countries and you can take a look at Genghis Khan's life, from his birth to conquests in Asia in late 12th century. Genghis Khan is said to be the father of Mogolia.
Apart from the movie itself, we should pay our attention to the soundtrack album because of two singers. One is Joseph Williams and the other is Jason Scheff.
Joseph would sing mid-tempo a little bit TOTO-vein pop titled "Safe And Sound".
Jason Scheff perform a power ballad titled "Anything For You" written with Greg Mathieson and originally performed by Tommy Funderburk for his latest solo album "Anything For You"(2005).


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