Exceptional concert of Alessi in Paris!
"Live '04-'05", new Marc Cohn's album!

Martina McBride's new album "Walking up lughing"


After 16 million in sales and 22 top 10 singles, some artists might be afraid to tinker with success and tempt fate. But not Martina McBride. Following up on her platinum-selling Timeless album, a poignant collection of country classics representing her first effort as solo producer, she's at the production helm again for her ninth studio release, Waking Up Laughing.

Always striving for new artistic heights, McBride is breaking new ground by serving as producer, writer and artist for her latest album, which includes three songs she co-wrote with the Warren Brothers and other top songwriters. Her debut single, "Anyway," one of those co-writes, is the fastest rising single of her career currently at No. 7 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs. In a Billboard review, Chuck Taylor called it a "grand, skyscraping power ballad" and noted that as the song "builds to its emotional peak, McBride delivers the hoped-for wallop on the money notes, sending a million-dollar chill of inspiration."

In a New York Times concert review, Kelefah Sanneh writes, "She has a rich, elegant voice and an extraordinary knack for controlling it. She hits the big notes without hammering them; when she slowly bends a note up or down you can feel - see, almost - the gentle curve."


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