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"A Tribute to Joni Mitchell" featuring James Taylor, Sarah McLachlan, Bjork, Prince among other great artists!


"A Tribute to Joni Mitchell", the first major US tribute album to the legendary artist, is set for release on April 24th. Musicians from many genres are represented on the 12 tracks of both rare and quintessential songs from the revered and influential singer/songwriter’s expansive career.

Each performer’s distinct takes on ‘A Tribute to Joni Mitchell’ are true to their own artistry, proving Mitchell’s universal appeal and versatility as a songwriter. Mitchell becomes the thread linking together these otherwise very different musical styles into a cohesive and brilliant creation.

Executive producer and Nonesuch Records President Bob Hurwitz, a longtime admirer of Joni Mitchell, came across the project upon Nonesuch’s move to Warner Brothers in 2004. It was started in the late ‘90s, but never completed. He says:

“I loved much of what I heard from the first group of recordings; the best of the tracks, at least to me, sounded like these artists were singing for an audience of one: Joni Mitchell. They knew she would hear their recording of her song, which has to be one of the most daunting tasks any musician can face."

"Live '04-'05", new Marc Cohn's album!


Marc Cohn, singer-songwriter, pianist, and acoustic guitarist, is often named among the most personal, most introspective lyricists of his generation. His supple, velvety baritone and elegant piano-based arrangements frame shrewdly crafted songs ripe with pop touches, and lead his debut album, featuring the hit “Walking in Memphis,” to earn the 1991 Grammy for Best New Artist. Marc’s beautifully tasteful and intelligent songwriting have won him many fans among his fellow musicians, and his two following records, released in 1993 and 1998, feature backing vocals from such artists as Rosanne Cash, David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Bonnie Raitt.

Marc Cohn released "Live '04-'05", his fourth studio recording of eleven tracks conceived as a record with two sides, side B beginning with “Live Out the String.”

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Martina McBride's new album "Walking up lughing"


After 16 million in sales and 22 top 10 singles, some artists might be afraid to tinker with success and tempt fate. But not Martina McBride. Following up on her platinum-selling Timeless album, a poignant collection of country classics representing her first effort as solo producer, she's at the production helm again for her ninth studio release, Waking Up Laughing.

Always striving for new artistic heights, McBride is breaking new ground by serving as producer, writer and artist for her latest album, which includes three songs she co-wrote with the Warren Brothers and other top songwriters. Her debut single, "Anyway," one of those co-writes, is the fastest rising single of her career currently at No. 7 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs. In a Billboard review, Chuck Taylor called it a "grand, skyscraping power ballad" and noted that as the song "builds to its emotional peak, McBride delivers the hoped-for wallop on the money notes, sending a million-dollar chill of inspiration."

In a New York Times concert review, Kelefah Sanneh writes, "She has a rich, elegant voice and an extraordinary knack for controlling it. She hits the big notes without hammering them; when she slowly bends a note up or down you can feel - see, almost - the gentle curve."

Exceptional concert of Alessi in Paris!


What We Like productions is proud to announce the venue of Alessi in Paris for an exceptional concert on April 20th, 2007 at Le Bus Palladium. A westcoast music party will follow the concert with DJ Jean Charles.

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Billy & Bobby Alessi has sold over 8 million records worldwide.
Alessi has recorded 7 albums on major labels as well as 1 independent release. Over the past few years Alessi has arranged, produced, and/or written releases for many artists including Sir Paul McCartney, Deborah Gibson, Frankie Valle, Richie Havens, Olivia Newton John, and Christopher Cross. Alessi's songwriting and performing has been placed in such films as, "The Main Event," starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal, and "Ghost Busters," starring Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver.

Both Billy and Bobby Alessi currently enjoy the excitement and status of writing many of the hottest jingle campaigns in the United States. They recently created spots for Ford ("Caught You Lookin"), Twix ("Chewy's all in the mix"), and the Slim Fast campaign featuring country star, Joe Dee Messina.

Billy maintained the Diet-Coke theme for 14 years running and has worked with such greats as Elton John, Michael McDonald , and Whitney Houston. Other successes include Kentucky-Fried Chicken, Dr. Pepper, Sears and Seven-Up: All household hooks known by everyone!

Bobby has also achieved great recognition in this industry by winning the National ADDY campaign for Greyhound with B.B. King and a CLEO Award for Lifesavers with Lady Smith Black Mambazo. Other familiar themes include J.C. Penny and the worldwide Blockbuster Video campaign. Also, Alessi sang background vocals for Sting on a new Disney soundtrack for "The Emperor's New Groove."

The album Alessi released in 1982 on Warner Brothers Records was originally titled "Roughen It," and for good reason. As Billy states, "We're lovers of music and can't help but write songs." With that, a compilation of "rough" demos found its way to Michael Ostin at Warner Brothers who felt it would be the perfect material for Quincy Jones' new imprint, Qwest Records. With Michael and pop star Christopher Cross at the helm, the songs would become thoroughly produced and released as the album, "Long Time Friends, " featuring a duet with Patty Austin and Billy Alessi.

The most recent Alessi album, "Hello Everyone," has a different focus than anything approached before by this musical duo. This creative feat was a self-produced, self-fulfilling project. "Our goal," explains Bobby, "is to let the music speak for itself." The sound and timbre are described as "pure Alessi," melodic and progressive with strong focus on vocals. Saxophone great, Bob Magnuson, as well as guitarist, Jeff Southworth (Hall and Oates), are featured players on the track "All My Life." All material was composed by both Billy and Bobby, and shipped across the world.