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"Everytime I see your face" by Geyster


Geyster is a duo formed by Gaël Benyamin and Pernilla Grönlund in 1998.

Their first cooperation occured in 1998. At that time they both attended the M.I. (Musicians Institute) music school in Los Angeles. Together they founded their own band “The Kites”, where they explored different musical genres through Gaël’s compositions from pop-rock to funk and jazz and performed live in music clubs across Los Angeles.
In 2002, the project seduced Joachim Garraud, successful producer/remixer (David Guetta, Jean-Michel Jarre...) who became with Gaël co-producer of the first album of Geyster. Signed with Virgin France, the band performed regularly promoting their first hit single “Bye Bye Superman” which was airplayed all over Europe the whole summer of 2003. Followed up 2 more singles ("It's About You" & "John Clay") and finally their first album “I Love 1984” released in spring 2004.

In 2005 Gael founded his own label : Somekind Records through which he will release the new album: "Everytime I See Your Face" followed up by 3 new singles: “Under The Fuse Of Love” successful 12" EP, "A Different Space", and the brand new EP "Still In Love"!


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