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"Hope" by Foy Vance!


Every once in a while an artist emerges to shake you from your seat and touch your soul, singing as if it were the last time he would ever perform, savouring every moment. With a distinctive, cracked, soulful voice and a skill to write profound storytelling songs, Foy Vance belongs to a calibre of artists that stand the test of time, irrespective of trends or fads, delivering heartfelt songs about the human condition that everyone can relate to.

Foy Vance arrived into the public consciousness in the summer of '05 with the release of his widely acclaimed debut EP 'Live Sessions and the Birth Of The Toilet Tour'. A series of gigs that saw him support such diverse artists as KT Tunstall, Pete Townshend, Joss Stone, The Spinto Band, Tegan & Sara and Taj Mahal, led to two sell out nights at Ronnie Scott's, and these confirmed Foy's status as an outstanding emerging talent.

These shows amassed a dedicated fanbase and gained the Bangor born Foy support and admiration from his peers, including nine times Grammy Award winning Bonnie Raitt, who invited him to support her as "special guest" on her 21 date UK/European tour in April '06
"One of the most soulful and powerful singers and writers I've heard in a long while" - Bonnie Raitt

An overwhelming response from US and Canadian audiences, due to the airing of two of Foy's songs ("Homebird" and "Gabriel And The Vagabond") on the cult networked TV drama series Grey's Anatomy and a showcase at SXSW, led to a huge demand for the release of "Gabriel And The Vagabond" in the US, and the inclusion of "Homebird" on the Grey's Anatomy 2 Original Soundtrack album.

Fvsing Having spent the better part of this year so far holed up at a remote cottage on The Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland recording, Foy is back with a new single, "Be With Me" followed by his long awaited debut album, "Hope" on July 2nd.

A close listen of "Hope" demonstrates that Foy is a truly unique talent belonging to a calibre of artists that stand the test of time. The recording process has been very organic and spontaneous capturing the live element and the rawness of Foy’s performance.


Musically it flows like a live session and it brings out Foy’s soul, blues, gospel and jazz influences soaked up while growing up in Oklahoma but also from spending time in Alabama and New Orleans with his preacher father who played an intrinsic part in the way Foy observes the world. Lyrically, Foy has an amazing talent for telling great stories in a song, as is so poignantly demonstrated in "Indiscriminate Act of Kindness" and "Gabriel and the Vagabond". The album has many highlights including the southern-fried funk of album opener "Be with Me", the Led Zeppelin meets Donna Summer groove of "Hope, Peace & Love" and the rhythm & blues of "Shed a little light". Heartfelt songs such as "Treading Water", "I Was Made" and "First of July" complete an eclectic package of beautifully crafted songs, which as Foy puts it, "I see this album as small ornaments and trinkets that form the mantelpiece".

"Hope" is a theme that defines Foy’s life and which is present throughout the album, whether in a positive or a negative way. "I named the album Hope because that’s something that’s been hereditary for me. It came from my dad who was eternally hopeful and every song on the album has an element or is some sort of study of hope".

The album was written, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Foy himself. Tchad Blake who is best known for his work with Pearl Jam, Tom Waits and Elvis Costello has also contributed to the mixing of some tracks.

Foy is currently on a UK tour with festival dates planned throughout the summer.

Terry Brock joins Leroux as new lead singer!


Terry Brock is taking part in the story of famous band LeRoux!

Terry Brock is the amazing vocalist who performed with Kansas (album Drastic Measures), Seventh Key (with Kansas bassist Billy Greer and violinist Robby Steinhardt), LeRoux (on the song "Addicted" at The Atlanta Music And Tennis Festival), Johnny Van Zant (of Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Molly Hatchet.
He was the lead vocalist/songwriter in the band Network, toured extensively with The Steve Morse Band, and recorded two albums "Native Sons" and "Walk In The Fire" with his band Strangeways.

Terry's recent works include his solo CD "Back To Eden", Seventh Key's latest 3 releases and lead vocalist and co-writer on Mike Slamer's solo CD "Nowhere Land".

Discover Anthony with his self debut album "Funambule"


From the south of France, Anthony learned music at age 5 on drums then fore years later on guitar. Fan of bands such as Queen, Toto, Police or AC/DC, it's in 2002 that he starts writing and composing music to finally release his first self titled album "Funambule".

Webb "Funambule" features Patrick Liotard (guitar) and Stephane Larribat (drums), two very talented musicians involved in various musical projects including the band WEBB who released cover songs of James Ingram's "Yah mo be there" & Doobie Brothers's "What a fool believe".

Anthony also played for the french movie soundtrack "C'est beau une ville la nuit" released by french actor Richard Borhinger.

Lionel Williams: "The torrid zones"!


Do you know Lionel Williams?? And if I say: does LIONEL'S DAD sounds familiar to you?

Ok, you got it. Following the steps of his popular Grand Father, Uncle and Father, Lionel Williams launchs his musical carrer with a first album. He is a 16 year old guitar player, bassist, drummer, and singer, originally from the depths of the AAA Los Angeles music scene, surrounded by artists such as Cher, Tina Turner, and Air Supply throughout the first years of his life, has broken through the mediocre L.A. scene he was used to, and created something of his own. Produced by his own father, Mark Towner Williams, this debut CD has something to stand for.

Combing new wave rock and roll techniques with crunchy and catchy guitar lines, and a little of the trance you experience while listening to bands such as Pink Floyd, and some newer psychadelic post-hardcore sounds as Pelican and Explosions In The Sky pull off with esteem, Lionel takes it to the new level with layers and layers of music that you can't quite dig all the way through until you hear it for the 20th time... and yet it's enjoyable.

Lionel Williams's "The torrid zones" is available at!

Little Texas returns with a brand new album: "Missing years"!


The old adage “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” definitely applies to the members of Little Texas. The super group tore through the ‘90s like a blue streak, selling millions of albums and achieving major success, but reached that point of absolute exhaustion and no return back in 1999 and elected to disband. But members Porter Howell, Duane Propes, Del Gray and Dwayne O’Brien never forgot their musical brothers in arms or the fun they had as a unit, and two years ago the four decided they still had plenty of relevant music left to make. So, they rallied the troops and began doing what they love most in the world again – playing for the fans. Back with a fresh, new sound bolstered by the rootsy vocals of Howell stepping forward on lead, the band has returned with an appropriately titled new album, “Missing Years,” on their new label, Montage Music Group.


The band’s trademark harmonies are once again in full force on this album, as well as powered-up tunes like the rowdy, revved up “Party Life,” the soulful, funky “Gotta Get Me Down Home,” and the vibey, attitude-filled “You Ain’t Seen Me Lately.” They also add gorgeous textures and layers to ballads like the achingly beautiful but hauntingly regretful “Knees,” and the introspective and melancholy “So Long.”
The familiar Little Texas energy and attitude of old compliment the new sound of Howell’s raw, bluesy vocals in a perfect way on this new collection. And Martin’s production helped the band tap into a completely different creative vein to make the album they had always wanted to make but never got the chance. MISSING YEARS finds the band on the most solid ground of their nearly two decades in the business, and hungrier than ever to make the best music of their career. So sit back, and take a listen to just what Little Texas has been doing during their “Missing Years.”

Read More at littletexasonline

Michael Leonhart in Concert at Sunset-Sunside, Paris!


What We Like Productions is pleased to announce the venue of Michael Leonhart in Paris for an exceptional concert at Sunset-Sunside Jazz Club, on wenesday 11st of July, 2007. Michael will be joined by Jon Herington, guitarist with grammy-winning Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs & others. the two talented musicians are actually touring with Steely Dan and will be on stage with the band the day before at the Grand Rex.

Get your ticket here!

Born into a musical family, Michael Leonhart has developed into one of the most imaginative musicians of his time, sought throughout the music and entertainment world as a trumpet player, producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and singer-songwriter. As a solo artist Michael has released three albums -- "Aardvark Poses" (1995), "Glub Glub vol. 11" (1997), and "Slow" (2002) all on the Sunnyside label. He has composed and performed music for movies, television, dance, fashion shows and theater, and has appeared on over 70 albums. Michael has performed with Steely Dan since 1996, recording two albums with them, including 2000’s Grammy winning Album of the Year “Two Against Nature” on which he was a featured performer, arranger and conductor. He has performed and/or recorded with such diverse artists as A Tribe Called Quest, Arto Linsday, Bill Frisell, Bonnie Raitt, Brian Eno just to name a few. In 2004, Michael toured worldwide with Lenny Kravitz supporting his most recent album, “Baptism.” “The Ballad of Minton Quigley”, a self-produced and recorded album of original songs, was released in the summer of 2006 and is available at

Discover Mark Abis self debut album "Changing Inside".


If you like James Taylor's music, you will surely like Mark Abis...

Mark Abis cut his teeth in the Cafes and Folk Cellars of London on the bill alongside future stars such as Keziah Jones, Paddy Casey, The Hank Dogs. He was later to form a working friendship with Francis-Eg White, (producer and Ivor Novello winner) who produced Mark's self released first album"Changing inside".
Mark's song "Summerbreeze" was covered by Emiliana Torrini on her album "Love in the Time of silence". The subsequent use of this song for 20th Century Fox's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" enabled his global recognition as a songwriter.

"My vote for one of the best of the new generation" says Joe Boyd, record producer (Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention).

Brand new reunion cd for Seawind!


The long-awaited Seawind Reunion CD recording is almost finished! The group has spent time in four state-of-the-art, Los Angeles recording studios, tracking all of their new songs. The new CD will also include beautifully performed, updated 2007 arrangements of "Follow Your Road", "Free" & "He Loves You"! Still to be done are mixdown, mastering, pressing & packaging. This CD is musical history in the making and wait until you hear their new songs!!

Joseph Williams New projects!

Regarding, Joseph Williams talks about future projects: "I am currently working on two follow up albums for "two of us"! They will be finished by beginning of the fall! After that I will do a new rock solo album for release sometime in 2008! It will hopefully include some surprise appearances from some of my brothers in TOTO as well my REAL brother, Mark T. Williams."
It sounds GOOD!!