Brand new reunion cd for Seawind!
Michael Leonhart in Concert at Sunset-Sunside, Paris!

Discover Mark Abis self debut album "Changing Inside".


If you like James Taylor's music, you will surely like Mark Abis...

Mark Abis cut his teeth in the Cafes and Folk Cellars of London on the bill alongside future stars such as Keziah Jones, Paddy Casey, The Hank Dogs. He was later to form a working friendship with Francis-Eg White, (producer and Ivor Novello winner) who produced Mark's self released first album"Changing inside".
Mark's song "Summerbreeze" was covered by Emiliana Torrini on her album "Love in the Time of silence". The subsequent use of this song for 20th Century Fox's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" enabled his global recognition as a songwriter.

"My vote for one of the best of the new generation" says Joe Boyd, record producer (Pink Floyd, Nick Drake, Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention).


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