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Do you know Lionel Williams?? And if I say: does LIONEL'S DAD sounds familiar to you?

Ok, you got it. Following the steps of his popular Grand Father, Uncle and Father, Lionel Williams launchs his musical carrer with a first album. He is a 16 year old guitar player, bassist, drummer, and singer, originally from the depths of the AAA Los Angeles music scene, surrounded by artists such as Cher, Tina Turner, and Air Supply throughout the first years of his life, has broken through the mediocre L.A. scene he was used to, and created something of his own. Produced by his own father, Mark Towner Williams, this debut CD has something to stand for.

Combing new wave rock and roll techniques with crunchy and catchy guitar lines, and a little of the trance you experience while listening to bands such as Pink Floyd, and some newer psychadelic post-hardcore sounds as Pelican and Explosions In The Sky pull off with esteem, Lionel takes it to the new level with layers and layers of music that you can't quite dig all the way through until you hear it for the 20th time... and yet it's enjoyable.

Lionel Williams's "The torrid zones" is available at!


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