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The old adage “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” definitely applies to the members of Little Texas. The super group tore through the ‘90s like a blue streak, selling millions of albums and achieving major success, but reached that point of absolute exhaustion and no return back in 1999 and elected to disband. But members Porter Howell, Duane Propes, Del Gray and Dwayne O’Brien never forgot their musical brothers in arms or the fun they had as a unit, and two years ago the four decided they still had plenty of relevant music left to make. So, they rallied the troops and began doing what they love most in the world again – playing for the fans. Back with a fresh, new sound bolstered by the rootsy vocals of Howell stepping forward on lead, the band has returned with an appropriately titled new album, “Missing Years,” on their new label, Montage Music Group.


The band’s trademark harmonies are once again in full force on this album, as well as powered-up tunes like the rowdy, revved up “Party Life,” the soulful, funky “Gotta Get Me Down Home,” and the vibey, attitude-filled “You Ain’t Seen Me Lately.” They also add gorgeous textures and layers to ballads like the achingly beautiful but hauntingly regretful “Knees,” and the introspective and melancholy “So Long.”
The familiar Little Texas energy and attitude of old compliment the new sound of Howell’s raw, bluesy vocals in a perfect way on this new collection. And Martin’s production helped the band tap into a completely different creative vein to make the album they had always wanted to make but never got the chance. MISSING YEARS finds the band on the most solid ground of their nearly two decades in the business, and hungrier than ever to make the best music of their career. So sit back, and take a listen to just what Little Texas has been doing during their “Missing Years.”

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