Terry Haggerty's new cd at cdbaby!
"Too Much Yang" by BigBang.

Daniel Nelson, a westcoast music fan and a talented artist to discover on MySpace!


I'm pleased to introduce you to Daniel Nelson, a talented singer I discovered on myspace.com
Daniel didn't sign on any record label yet but I'm sure it's gonna be on the way soon!

"I was and still am into what is called West Coast Music-- It's sort of the cool sounds that came (Mostly) out of Los Angeles during the '70s and '80s by bands like Toto, The Doobie Bros (w/Michael McDonald) and Ambrosia. For a lot of younger people, this music is becoming almost "oldies", but quite frankly, as nostalgic as it now is in the 2000s, it's still my favorite type of music and the type I recently wrote & recorded. I miss really competent musicians writing great songs & fantastic arrangements with live horn sections and strings. My favorite instrument will always be the Fender Rhodes (Thanks Michael!)-- I know there's a lot of you out there who still love this stuff-- Leave me a message and enjoy my tracks!!!"
- Daniel Nelson


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