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One of the most influential but unknown guitar players, Terry Haggerty is buried treasure. As the guitarist with the Sons of Champlin, Haggerty was always accorded the full respect of his peers; players like:

“If it wasn’t for Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter and you (Terry), I’d just be a blues guitarist”
Carlos Santana

“Terry was an early influence on my guitar playing”
Robben Ford

“Terry Haggerty has always been a unique and original player, and a lot of fun to listen to. He is highly inventive, incorporating the tone of rock and the harmonies of jazz”
Jerry Garcia

He has been known throughout the world, among the guitar cognoscenti, by the handful of recordings he made over the two decades of the Sons' existence.
But even now, as he prepares to release his first solo instrumental recording, he remains something of an unknown.
The great volume of material that Terry has recently created has led to this CD, entitled “TERRY HAGGERTY”, a sampler of sorts. Some of the songs are home studio studies. Some have been done in a proper recording studio.
All of it is just a precursor to the full blown studio album in progress. Stay tuned.


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