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"Too Much Yang" by BigBang.


For the last several years, BigBang have been earning a reputation as one of the most successful and influential bands to hail from the Arctic Circle. Coming hot off the heals of their last two No.1 albums, "Radio Radio TV Sleep", the best selling live album in Norway’s history and "Poetic Terrorism", BigBang shot to Norway’s No.1 album slot once again with their latest studio album "Too Much Yang" (already gone Gold), which is getting a UK release on August 6th.

"‘Too Much Yang" is BigBang’s sixth studio album and it was recorded in Norway and the US during autumn 2006 / winter 2007. In fact BigBang were one of the last bands to ever record at the legendary Capitol Studios in Hollywood whose landmark tower has now sadly been sold by EMI to property developers.

The album was produced by BigBang originator and vocalist/guitarist, Øystein Greni and co-mixed by producer /engineer Sylvia Massy Shivy, known for her work with Rick Rubin, Tom Petty, Tool, Prince and the legendary Johnny Cash.

BigBang`s ascent to the top of the Norwegian music scene (which currently is very vibrant with internationally acclaimed bands/artists such as Datarock, Kings of Convenience, Annie, Sondre Lerche, Turbonegro, Madrugada, Motorpsycho and Röyksopp) has been fairly unusual. The band spent some time in the trenches getting the tough education that comes with carrying your own equipment and promoting your own shows.

Then suddenly everything changed. The very potent combination of a certified hit single ("Girl in Oslo") and a band with a crystal-clear front figure and dynamic, rock-trio set up, put BigBang on everybody’s lips.


Today BigBang consists of Øystein Greni (vocals/guitars) with Olaf Olsen on drums/vocals and Lasse Weeden on bass. Venturing beyond borders, BigBang began to play local gigs and showcases in the US last year. Encouraged by radio support from Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) of Jonesy’s Jukebox on Idie103.1 in LA, and rave reviews from local media, the boys returned home, only to later play at Spot ’06 music festival in Denmark. Renowned Rolling Stone journalist, David Fricke caught the band live and was so impressed that he featured them in his influential column, writing ‘Led by singer-guitarist Oystein Greni, BigBang lit the power-pop chime and song writing of Big Star and late eighties R.E.M with the power blues dynamics of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble’.

At the end of another brief trip to LA last September, as the band prepared to start recording material for "Too Much Yang", they were invited to join The Raconteurs for nine dates across the UK last October. BigBang took London’s Brixton Academy by storm and gained rave reviews from the UK media, including The Sun writing "BigBang are the hottest, most exciting thing to come out of the Arctic Circel right now".


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