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Paul Clark's reissues by Vivid Sound Japan!

3 Andrus Blackwood reissues at cdbaby!


Truly one of the contemporary Christian music's living legends, Grammy Award-winning vocalist. Sherman Andrus has successfully completed more than 39 years in Gospel Music. Even as a young man, Sherman was never a stranger to the Christian music scene. In fact, music and performing have been a part of his life as far back as he can remember. In addition to his professional career that has spanned almost four decades, he grew up singing with his mother's Gospel group in Louisiana. As he has recorded or appeared on more than 30 Christian albums, the name Sherman Andrus is familiar to all lovers of Gospel music regardless of one's age or preferred style.

As an original member of Andrae Crouch and the disciples from 1964 to 1970, Sherman Andrus was a vital influence on the group's first popular recording. Sherman broke down both musical and racial barriers when he became the lead singer of The Imperials, and all white Southern Gospel group, in 1971. His five years of accomplishments with the Imperials were topped off when the group won a Grammy Award for one of contemporary Christian music's first anthems, "No Shortage".

Shortly after his experience with the Imperials, Sherman along with Terry Blackwood (another former Imperial), co-founded the enormously successful contemporary Christian group Andrus, Blackwood & Company. During their successful nine years of recording, the group became best known for their Contemporary Christian Music Magazine Number 1 hits, "Jesus, You're So Wonderful", "Soldiers of the Light", and "Step Out of the Night"

CdBaby released 3 cds of Andrus Blackwood, including "Step Out of the Night" which was a popular one for this group. It came off the great lp of 1981 "Soldier Of The Light". This release contains the charting songs "Step Out Of The Night", "Stone's Throw Away", and "No You May Not". This is 80's Contemporary Christian music and this group was one of the best.


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