Eagles release first single from upcoming new album!
Ann Wilson's new album "Hope & Glory" due september 11th!

CTA's self debut "Full circle" now available!


CTA (California Transit Authority) is drummer Danny Seraphine's trip back to the future, effectively tipping his hat to his past as a founding member of the Grammy award-winning band Chicago, with his feet firmly planted in the here and now. Aptly titled 'Full Circle', California Transit Authority's debut album brings Seraphine back to his roots.

While CTA revisits early Chicago classics "Make Me Smile" and "Colour My World" on 'Full Circle', CTA isn't just a nostalgia trip. For example, "Make Me Smile" has been transformed into an instrumental, with Marc Bonilla recreating the vocal lines on guitar. In addition, Bonilla has also re-imagined many of Chicago's classic horn parts on his guitar. Another twist is vocalist Larry Braggs, the voice of Tower of Power since 2000.

Aside from the re-workings of the Chicago tracks, 'Full Circle' revisits Bonilla's "Antonio's Love Jungle," which is given new life as Seraphine's human touch replaces the original's drum-machine rhythms; as well as "Something Different," the Cannonball Adderley track composed by a young Chuck Mangione. On "I'm The Man," guest artists Sheila E. (on timbales), Alex Acuna (on congas), and Keith Emerson (organ solo) make an appearance. And a new original track, "Several Thousand," features guest vocalist Wes Quave.

1) Something Different
2) Introduction
3) South California Purples
4) Make Me Smile
5) Several Thousand
6) Dreams
7) West Virginia Fantasies
8) Colour My World
9) Happy Cause I'm Going Home
10) Mississippi Delta Blues
11) Antonio's Love Jungle
12) I'm A Man
13) Bonus Track: 25 Or 6 To 4 (Live: Modern Drummer Festival 2006)

CTA is: Danny Seraphine (drums), Larry Braggs (lead vocals), Marc Bonilla (guitar), Peter Fish (keyboards), Edward Harris Roth (keyboards), Mick Mahan (bass) and Walter Rodriguez (congas)


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