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"My acoustic soul" by John Simms


John Simms hails from Baltimore and has been a professional guitarist / singer / composer / songwriter since he was 17. He honed his craft the old-school way having spent many years on the Chitlin Circuit with various groups; including the 70s R&B group ‘The Softones’. Being the youngest of 14 children, all of whom were singers or musicians or both, he didn’t have to go very far to find his earliest inspirations; his father was also a gospel singer in the 30s and 40s with a group called the Spiritual Chords.

He came to Paris more than 20 years ago to get off the road for a while and hook up with his pianist / singer brother Arthur. He immediately began to make a living there: sometimes as a song writer / composer, (he even wrote songs for the Paradis Latin’s show Champagne), sometimes as a session guitarist or yet again as a backing vocalist with his now-deceased brother. Here are some of the people he has worked with: Michel Jonasz, Robert Charlebois, Yves Simon, Jacques Dutronc, Chagrin d’Amour, Nana Mouskouri.

He returned to the States in 1980 to record his first album, with his brother Arthur. It was entitled "John & Arthur Simms". During his stay in the U.S. John worked with Al Johnson and made it to Carnegie Hall playing behind singer Jean Carn.

John returned to Paris and married Danielle Rogé a.k.a. Brenda Jackson who was head of musical programming at French cable television network Canal +. He continued to write songs for various French artists and work occasionally as a studio singer/musician, but following Brenda’s death in 2002 he faded from the music world as he tried to deal with his loss. He had come to Paris to be with his brother Arthur and stayed for his wife Brenda; now they were both gone.


He went back playing and singing at the various clubs in Paris just over a year ago (luckily for us) !; He peppers his show with covers (Sam Cook, Othis Redding, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Marc Cohn, Elton John etc) but is progressively getting people around to his own compositions from his just-released cd album entitled “My Acoustic Soul” (for most of his audience his songs have already become standards).

Restless Heart Announces Web-Only Release of Special Edition Live CD


Restless Heart fans who are quick with a mouse can order a special edition copy of the much anticipated "25 and Live!" CD only on Just 1,000 copies of the new CD are included in this initial release which is also a celebration of the group's 25 years together.

Recorded in late 2006 at Riverside Hotel and Resort, Laughlin, Nev., the band's tenth album is a collection of 14 chart-topping, crowd-pleasing favorites presented the way every fan wants to hear Restless Heart – LIVE!

Choosing the final 14 cuts was no easy task. Through the years, Restless Heart put 26 hits on the country charts with 15 in the Top Ten. Cross-over success, rare in the music world, was also theirs with six songs making the adult contemporary charts, including taking the #1, #2 and #3 spots. The final album play list includes six tracks which rose to #1 on either the country or adult contemporary charts.

"We made the choices based on what we felt were the real fan favorites at our shows," said Larry Stewart, the band's lead singer. There were ample opportunities to gage fan reaction – Restless Heart was on stage for more the 100 performances in 2006 alone, including an around-the-world tour of military bases.

The album has all six country #1 songs – "That Rock Won't Roll," "I'll Still Be Loving You," "Why Does It Have To Be Wrong Or Right," "Wheels," "Bluest Eyes In Texas," and "Tender Lie." "Tell Me What You Dream," performed by drummer John Dittrich, never made the country list but was #1 on the adult contemporary chart. Another Dittrich crooned cut, "When She Cries," was covered on three charts - #2 on adult contemporary, #9 on country and #33 on the US Hot 100.

Other cuts (and their rankings) are "Dancy's Dream" (#5), "Fast Moving Train" (#4), "Let the Heartache Ride" (#23), "Long Lost Friend" (#16) and "New York Hold Her Tight" (#23). The only non-charted song "Hummingbird" always draws the great crowd reaction. "I get behind the drums with John and we both cut loose," said Stewart, "The fans love it."

The Jeff Chance album


This is the first independent CD for Jeff Chance after being with Mercury Records. Chance, a multi-talented musician was leading the band "Chance" back in the eighties and released two solos records "Picture on the wall" in 91 followed by "Walk softly on the bridges" in 92. Jeff has played with many country artists including Johnny Lee and Gene Watson and is currently playing fiddle for Texas dance hall legend Johnny Bush.
The Jeff Chance Album was produced and arranged in large part by Ronnie Mack, who was Mel Tillis' keyboard player for several years.

Welcome Low Stars!


Opportunity knocks only so often. Low Stars found theirs by teaming four singers who share a love – make that a passion – for vocal harmonies originally inspired by Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Eagles.

Low Stars music is an exhilarating, hook-laden blend that is full of the same hope and idealism that fueled some of their idols. The song “Calling All Friends,” which was chosen as the theme for ABC TV series “What About Brian,” could be a motto of the group, as could the graceful Russo composition “Can’t Live Without Your Love” and “Love, Love, Love,” a Jude composition. Other standouts include the sunny, So-Cal-infused “Need a Friend” (boasting a texture evoking the Eagles’ “Take It Easy”), the mellow “Warmer Wind,” Grateful Dead-like “Tracks in the Rain,” and the probing “Child,” a Seefried tune that gently asks, “What do you see, child?” “All these songs are sort of an amalgam of everybody’s experiences over the last four to five years,” says Russo. “I know Chris got into this song because he was about to become a father, and I’m about to become a father. I listen to this and it has new meaning for me. All of these songs have that. It was really important for us to put together a record that was meaningful lyrically.”

The four caught the attention of Starbucks Entertainment who decided to feature the group in the Company’s innovative Starbucks Hear Music™ Debut series which was created to introduce Starbucks customers to exciting new artists.


Jaye P Morgan's self titled album reissue by Sonic Past Music.


Sonic Past Music released the Jaye P. Morgan self-titled cd for the first time in the US. Jaye P. Morgan sings her heart out, backed by every noted player of the seventies, produced by David Foster with Bill Champlin and a host of greats. At last an artist of artist, Jaye P.Morgan together with famed producer David Foster and every great musician around in the 70 s make this cd the one… Jaye s voice is unbelievably great. She has a subtle R&B style with the right touch of new wave jazz that sooths the soul and heart.

Paul Clark's reissues by Vivid Sound Japan!


Paul Clark is a musician who specializes in Christian praise and worship oriented music. He was born in Kansas City (Bio as pdf) and recorded his first album in 1971, Songs from the Saviour Vol 1[1].Its songs became one of the first signs of the growing "Jesus Movement" of the early 70's.
He went on to record a further 13+ albums including the well received 1977 album "Hand to the Plow" which is a good place to start any listening. In 1978 he followed up with "Change in the Wind" and in 1980 with "Aim for the Heart". These three albums had some jazz influences and seemed quite well produced in the context of some of the other Christian music of the time. "Aim for the Heart" featured Abraham_Laboriel on bass along with Harlan Rogers, Hadley Hockensmith and Bill Maxwell which was certainly jazz influenced. Those four went on to become members of Koinonia jazz band from '82 till about 1990.

His early-mid 80's albums "Aim For The Heart" (1980), "A New Horizon" (1981) , "Drawn To The Light" (1982) and "Out Of The Shadow" (1984) were reissued once on CD as "Minstrel's Voyage Vol. III: 1980-1985 (Digital Reissue Collector's Edition)" in a shape of 4 albums on 3 CD's style in 1990 under his Seed Records. Those albums are available through his official website. However, if you want to get the CDs with the beautiful LP style paper jackets, Vivid sounds Japan just released it for your pleasure.

"Out of the Shadow" is one of my favorite Paul's record including the hit "Give me your heart" featuring Richard Page & Steve George (Pages) on background vocals! - Arnaud

3 Andrus Blackwood reissues at cdbaby!


Truly one of the contemporary Christian music's living legends, Grammy Award-winning vocalist. Sherman Andrus has successfully completed more than 39 years in Gospel Music. Even as a young man, Sherman was never a stranger to the Christian music scene. In fact, music and performing have been a part of his life as far back as he can remember. In addition to his professional career that has spanned almost four decades, he grew up singing with his mother's Gospel group in Louisiana. As he has recorded or appeared on more than 30 Christian albums, the name Sherman Andrus is familiar to all lovers of Gospel music regardless of one's age or preferred style.

As an original member of Andrae Crouch and the disciples from 1964 to 1970, Sherman Andrus was a vital influence on the group's first popular recording. Sherman broke down both musical and racial barriers when he became the lead singer of The Imperials, and all white Southern Gospel group, in 1971. His five years of accomplishments with the Imperials were topped off when the group won a Grammy Award for one of contemporary Christian music's first anthems, "No Shortage".

Shortly after his experience with the Imperials, Sherman along with Terry Blackwood (another former Imperial), co-founded the enormously successful contemporary Christian group Andrus, Blackwood & Company. During their successful nine years of recording, the group became best known for their Contemporary Christian Music Magazine Number 1 hits, "Jesus, You're So Wonderful", "Soldiers of the Light", and "Step Out of the Night"

CdBaby released 3 cds of Andrus Blackwood, including "Step Out of the Night" which was a popular one for this group. It came off the great lp of 1981 "Soldier Of The Light". This release contains the charting songs "Step Out Of The Night", "Stone's Throw Away", and "No You May Not". This is 80's Contemporary Christian music and this group was one of the best.