3 Andrus Blackwood reissues at cdbaby!
Jaye P Morgan's self titled album reissue by Sonic Past Music.

Paul Clark's reissues by Vivid Sound Japan!


Paul Clark is a musician who specializes in Christian praise and worship oriented music. He was born in Kansas City (Bio as pdf) and recorded his first album in 1971, Songs from the Saviour Vol 1[1].Its songs became one of the first signs of the growing "Jesus Movement" of the early 70's.
He went on to record a further 13+ albums including the well received 1977 album "Hand to the Plow" which is a good place to start any listening. In 1978 he followed up with "Change in the Wind" and in 1980 with "Aim for the Heart". These three albums had some jazz influences and seemed quite well produced in the context of some of the other Christian music of the time. "Aim for the Heart" featured Abraham_Laboriel on bass along with Harlan Rogers, Hadley Hockensmith and Bill Maxwell which was certainly jazz influenced. Those four went on to become members of Koinonia jazz band from '82 till about 1990.

His early-mid 80's albums "Aim For The Heart" (1980), "A New Horizon" (1981) , "Drawn To The Light" (1982) and "Out Of The Shadow" (1984) were reissued once on CD as "Minstrel's Voyage Vol. III: 1980-1985 (Digital Reissue Collector's Edition)" in a shape of 4 albums on 3 CD's style in 1990 under his Seed Records. Those albums are available through his official website. However, if you want to get the CDs with the beautiful LP style paper jackets, Vivid sounds Japan just released it for your pleasure.

"Out of the Shadow" is one of my favorite Paul's record including the hit "Give me your heart" featuring Richard Page & Steve George (Pages) on background vocals! - Arnaud


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