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Amy Holland McDonald, details about her new album


Amy Holland gives more details about her new album on her MySpace pages and you can listen a new tune about her new album there: Miracle River.

Amy Holland McDonald new album will feature 12 songs. Sharro Forrest plays drums on it and had been mixing the songs with MichaelMcDonald longtime music partner Bernie Chiaravalle. Songs on the album were written by Amy Holland and Bernie Chiaravalle with collaborations from John Goodwin, Jon Vezner, Chazz Frichtel, Michael McDonald and a song contribution from Robben Ford.

Musicians include Shannon Forrest (on drums(, John Deaderick and Tim Akers (on keyboards) and Dylan Morrison (on bass on a song). Vince Gill does some vocals and Michael McDonald also sings on a couple of things.

On his website, Bernie Chiaravalle gives another piece of news about Amy Holland. Check it out:

One song from that record (Amy Holland CD) called "Miracle River" will be also featured on a compilation CD called "Songs of Hope" with a portion of proceeds going to breast cancer research. Also the album will be Carly Simon, Earth, Wind & Fire, David Pack, Olivia Newton John and more.

Amy Holland McDonald has a new website coming soon at this address.



Only Olivia fan club has the Song of Hope details, only available at 7-11 stores

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