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Aspen, a new adult oriented rock band to know!


Aspen, is a driving, vocal intensive band that plays original Adult Orientated Rock. The band has shared the stage with with some of the best talent in America including Bruce Baum, Gary Sinise and the Lt Dan Band, Eddie Money, The Little River Band, Los Lobos, Venice, Dave Mason, Ambrosia, Gregg Rollie, Blues Traveler, Loverboy, Wayne Brady, Tim Allen, Drew Carey and many more. Aspen, is George Rangel on vocals and guitar, Lou Garcia on vocals and guitar, Daniel Rangel on drums, and Albert Shotwell on bass. The band has been together since the late 90’s and has gone from playing small coffee shops and bars to performing at great concert venues all over the place. Aspen has a very professional attitude and delivers a solid sound. The band has always received a positive response from the audience at hand and continues to receive great positive reviews from the media.

They recently recorded an album "Blue skies", now available to order.


Heard this band live and have both thier CD's one word, Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We would love to get them a venue here in the UK, anyone know how to go about this?

Just want to thank Arnaud for the support!

I just bought the Aspen Blue Skies Cd and I am really enjoying it. Thanks for recommending it.

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