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One of the most celebrated guitarists in Canada & Quebec, virtuoso of the cult instrument and backbone of rock, Stephane Dufour is a self taught Guitarist. Known for his wicked work as Lead Guitarist with the early 90's smash group Saints & Sinners, who sold 50,000 copies of their debut album in the 1st month.

Stephane shoulda won Guitar Rookie of the year, for His Fist Pumpin', Foot Stompin' massively electrifying grooves & riffs on the Saints & Sinners debut CD, His songwriting skills shine through on radio rockers like "Walk That Walk", "Shake", "Rip It Up", "Frankenstein", "We Belong" and the SMASH chart topping ballad "Takin' My Chances"...

Stephane went on to develop a musical union with Quebec superstar Éric Lapointe. This project provided the base for the collaboration that continues today. Dufour gave soul to the second Eric Lapointe album and was the producer of his three most recent, best selling releases with harder hitting guitars. This evolution in Dufour’s sound came from the opportunity to unleash his playing, songwriting and producing expertise on his own solo project, Distortion, aimed at music lovers as well as the hard-core guitar fans. This project, layered with feeling and superior craft, began the relationship with Lapointe’s record label and garnered a 2000 ADISQ nomination.

Apart from Dufour’s playing and producing, he is an accomplished songwriter – with his constant partner, Éric Lapointe as well as writing for other artists including: France D’Amour, Mélanie Renaud, Luce Dufault, Dubmatique, Garou, Mario Pelchat, Marc Dupré as well as movie soundtracks on “Les dangereux “starring some of Quebec s biggest comedy names and Les Boys I, II and III which were among the most successful movies ever in Quebec. Stephane has also collaborated on songs with renowned author Luc Plamondon.

From his basement in Montreal, Stephane has built himself a studio and produced some of Quebecs most successful songs and albums. From his first studio production of his own instrumental CD created with what he had in hand ex. Zoom, Roland D4 he managed to push the limits of these tools and develop a sound that started his trademark and eventually led to multiple successes and access to better tools. Stephane works to constantly upgrade his home studio to eventually build a fully equipped recording facility.

To order "Distorsion", visit Stephane's myspace page.


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