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There was a time when i discovered again where Greg Guidry was. This was in 1993 if I well remember. One day, Pierre Hourcade, a french lawyer told me he was in touch with Greg Guidry. I got in touch with Greg via fax messages at this time and like Pierre, I told Greg there was an audience for him in France and in Europe.

Thanks to his longtime friend Rich Lang and to the staff of Disney Village, I have been very proud being a part of an opportunity for him: what was a dream for Greg: Playing in France, doing a concert with his own band to what he told me for his first time ever. This was in October 1996.

I still remember that I saw an incredible hope in his new career, in meeting real european fans for the first time ever and being there with his two great sisters. I remember that I cried in seeing Greg rehearsals at Disneyland the day before the concert in a small club with his ownd band. I remember how Cathy and Sandy were moved. I also remember how Greg was happy to be there at The Westcoast Music Festival. I remember that Greg invited Robbie Dupree on stage to sing with him. Greg was more than a very talented artist, he was a great human being and a deeply emotional person.

I remember all these email messages I have exchanged with Greg Guidry after the mid-nineties. I remember how he was proud to work on "Soul'd Out" his last album. Greg was a genius. I did all of this for Greg simply because I love his music, songs, voices as a volunteer.

In August 2003, my buddy friend Robbie Dupree learnt me the piece of news via an email message. Greg died July 28th, 2003. I was deeply sad and I am still sad. I will never forget you Greg.

Greg, you know what I was more than your manager in Europe. Greg, wherever you are, you know I have told you times and times : "You have the voice an angel" (and you are a magical piano player) and i was so proud you were on the line-up of the Westcoast Music Festival at Disneyland Paris during the 90s'. I know it was one of your dearest dreams to reach live your fan audience in our continent. Thank you a million times for all the joy and love your have brought to this world and to your fans.

Theo (and Candice), you can be proud of your father. Thanks for your GREAT initiative of your MySpace page in the memory of your father Greg Guidry. Theo, if you read this article, please join me at [email protected] , i have memories of your father I wanna share with you and your family (Candice, Cindy, Cathy and Sandy...).

(Picture: Greg Guidry at The Westcoast Music Festival in October 1996 - Disneyland Paris - Copyright Disneyland Paris - All Rights Reserved).


Dear Jean-Luc, thanks for running this great site and your kind words on Greg. I've had some email exchange with him after releasing Soul'd out and had some hope to be hearing his music live on my birthday party. He was such a great guy and you are right: he was a genius. I am so sad it didn't work out and I never got the change to meet him personally. Thanks for keeping his memory alive! Kind regards, Chris from Germany

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