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Eagles new album Long Road Out of Eden and Eagles first shows at the Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles


Some European journalists as well as winners of Eagles competitions in our continent have been invited to see the latest concert of the Eagles at The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles (California) this saturday. The show ended 3 hours ago. On the bill, the Dixie Chicks as a opening act. Some concert proceeds will be for the fire victims of San Diego.

Almost 7500 persons (only seats with quite an excellent view) in the crowd and the new Eagles single "How Long" (from their new album Long Road Out of Eden) that all people sing along to start the concert. "We are back with new songs" Glenn Frey said at the beginning of the show.

4 new songs of "We are back with new songs" with Glenn Frey follow and more than one hour and a half of classic hits from The Eagles have been playing. No "I Can't Tell You Why" but solo careers were there with "Life's Been Good" (Joe Walsh), "Dirty Laundry" and "The Boys Of Summer" (Don Henley). Don Henley ended the show with Desperado as a solo piano player and singer.

You can see some pics of one of The Eagles show at the Nokia Theatre in this FlickR pictures album (44 pics at all).

To celebrate the release of Long Road Out of Eden, Eagles are to play at London's Indigo on Wednesday October 31st. Tickets are not available for general sale, but fans from UK have the chance to win tickets via a number of online competitions.

Remember thatyou can listen to the entire EAGLES album "Long Road Out Of Eden" online for FREE (Exclusive Sneak Peek) on AT THIS ADDRESS.

Amy Holland McDonald, details about her new album


Amy Holland gives more details about her new album on her MySpace pages and you can listen a new tune about her new album there: Miracle River.

Amy Holland McDonald new album will feature 12 songs. Sharro Forrest plays drums on it and had been mixing the songs with MichaelMcDonald longtime music partner Bernie Chiaravalle. Songs on the album were written by Amy Holland and Bernie Chiaravalle with collaborations from John Goodwin, Jon Vezner, Chazz Frichtel, Michael McDonald and a song contribution from Robben Ford.

Musicians include Shannon Forrest (on drums(, John Deaderick and Tim Akers (on keyboards) and Dylan Morrison (on bass on a song). Vince Gill does some vocals and Michael McDonald also sings on a couple of things.

On his website, Bernie Chiaravalle gives another piece of news about Amy Holland. Check it out:

One song from that record (Amy Holland CD) called "Miracle River" will be also featured on a compilation CD called "Songs of Hope" with a portion of proceeds going to breast cancer research. Also the album will be Carly Simon, Earth, Wind & Fire, David Pack, Olivia Newton John and more.

Amy Holland McDonald has a new website coming soon at this address.

"Welcome to My Living Room" new Carole King Live dvd


Filmed in Southern California in 2005, 'Welcome' offers an intimate, unadorned glimpse into the 'living room' of Carole King one of the greatest songwriters in history. The set features twenty-nine songs - nearly two hours of music in all - from King's sold-out 2005/06 Living Room World Tour, including an astonishing twenty-one Top 40 hits, seven #1 singles, and eleven songs that weren't on her best-selling 2005 'Living Room Tour' live CD.

Eagles Long Road Out Of Eden new album to listen to exclusively online


Some radiostations in The States offer to listen to online for FREE the new album of the EAGLES Long Road Out Of Eden that will be available on October 30, 2007 in the stores after a 28 years old hiatus (their last olo effort).

So exclusively on AT THIS ADDRESS you can listen to the entire EAGLES album online for FREE (Exclusive Sneak Peek).

Disc One:
01 No More Walks In The Wood
02 How Long
03 Busy Being Fabulous
04 What Do I Do With My Heart
05 Guilty Of The Crime
06 I Don’t Want To Hear Anymore
07 Waiting In The Weeds
08 No More Cloudy Days
09 Fast Company
10 Do Something
11 You Are Not Alone

Disc Two:
12 Long Road Out Of Eden
13 I Dreamed There Was No War
14 Somebody
15 Frail Grasp On The Big Picture
16 Last Good Time In Town
17 I Love To Watch A Woman Dance
18 Business As Usual
19 Center Of The Universe
20 It’s Your World Now

Read the Billboard review of the Eagles album here.

Long Road Out of Eden, the Eagles' first album of new material in more than 28 years, is scheduled for an October 30th release and will include 20 songs in a specially priced double album of $11.88 for the 2-CD set, or $10.88 if purchased digitally.

Long Road Out of Eden is available now for pre-order, including a free download of the band's recently released single "How Long," through, and On October 30th the album will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club in the U.S. and Canada, through and, and via the band's Web site Eagles Official Site .

The Eagles have sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, earning four #1 U.S. singles and four Grammy Awards. Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 is the best-selling album of all time, exceeding sales of 29 million units. The band's Hotel California and Their Greatest Hits Volume 2 have sold more than 16 and 11 million albums respectively. Eagles were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

Eagles will be performing six nights in October with the Dixie Chicks as a Grand Opening celebration for the new NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles.

Marc Cohn "Join the parade"


GRAMMY® AWARD WINNER MARC COHN RETURNS WITH HIS FIRST STUDIO ALBUM IN NEARLY A DECADE MARC COHN Join The Parade It has been nearly a decade since American singer/songwriter Marc Cohn last released a studio album. It has been fifteen years (1992) since he won the Grammy® Award for Best New Artist. Best known for his colossal hit "Walking In Memphis," Cohn returns with a new, passionate and poignant recording JOIN THE PARADE, to be released on October 9th. JOIN THE PARADE is the product of a personal journey. A recording of 10 songs that share a common theme woven from both Cohn's empathic observations after Hurricane Katrina and from a 2005 incident during which the singer found himself the victim of a carjacking in Denver, which left him with a gunshot wound to the head. JOIN THE PARADE is introspective. It is one man's look at the beauty of life through its fragility--spiritually moving and inspirational. Co-produced by long-time guitarist and Bob Dylan band member Charlie Sexton, the album was recorded over a period of a year both in New York, Los Angeles and Austin, Texas. JOIN THE PARADE is a long overdue album that serves to solidify Cohn's already well-known reputation as a great American songwriter.

"Damn near Righteous", New Bill Medley album produced by Steve Dorff


Bill Medley (The Righteous Brothers, GRAMMY®, GOLDEN GLOBE ® and ACADEMY AWARD ® winner and inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2003) has the most successful track record regarding theme songs from cinema. The hit songs from the movies Top Gun ("You've Lost That Loving Feeling" - the most played song in US radio history), Ghost (“Unchained Melody”) and Dirty Dancing (“[I've Had] The Time of My Life") are arguably the most recognizable in US cinematic history. These 3 movies are some of the highest selling catalog titles in US home video history. Produced by multiple-GRAMMY® nominee Steve Dorff and Shayne Fair.

Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys) and Phil Everly (The Everly Brothers) join Medley on a soulful reimagining of “In My Room”.

Collaborators include Steely Dan mainstay, guitarist Dean Parks; Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Joni Mitchell), named “the greatest living drummer” by Modern Drummer magazine; drummer J.R. Robinson (Rufus and Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, Steve Winwood); bassist Joe Chemay (Elton John, Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Shania Twain); keyboardist Jimmy Nichols (Faith Hill, John Mellencamp, Hank Williams, Jr.), Richard Page (Pages, Mr Mister, Third Matinee) and others. One of the album’s most memorable collaborations is a duet with Medley’s 20-year old daughter, McKenna.

Medley’s first album since Bobby Hatfield’s (The Righteous Brothers) untimely passing. This album not only honors the legacy of their historic partnership, but reveals as never before the singular artistry of Medley in his own right.

The recording is comprised of both new material and compelling covers of some particularly resonant classics and contains three recently penned Bill LaBounty songs, "Something Blue" (co-written with
Sam Lorber), "You Rock" (co-written with Pat McLaughlin) and "Sit Down and Hurt" (co-written with Rick Carnes).

Bonus DVD includes archival concert footage and interviews with various artists including Brian Wilson. Extensive publicity including nationally-aired appearances.

"East of angel town", Peter Cincotti new album recorded with David Foster & Humberto Gatica


Peter Cincotti, the 23 year-old singer-songwriter-pianist, brings to life a fresh, cinematic world on his new Warner Bros. album EAST OF ANGEL TOWN. His profoundly evocative songs tell stories woven into melodies that are both individual and universal.

Although the native New Yorker has been writing music since the age of 9, EAST OF ANGEL TOWN marks Cincotti's first work of all original material. Exploring musical styles that blend pop, rock, blues, funk and jazz, Cincotti's percussive piano playing and rich vocals infuse each song with a startling energy. "I wanted each song to come alive in the studio with the same freshness they had when they were first written," he says. "Every element of the production needed to reflect that quality and, more importantly, serve the meaning of the song.”

With topics ranging from the seductive world of Los Angeles ("Angel Town"), male/female dynamics in today's society, ("Be Careful"), a symbolic song of loss, ("Goodbye Philadelphia"), loneliness and love in New York City (“Cinderella Beautiful”), each song tells a unique tale. These stories musically paint characters, both familiar and uncommon, that leave one with the feeling of having walked all day on the streets of Manhattan. When asked if such topics are autobiographical, Cincotti replies, "I think every expression is autobiographical-either literally or symbolically. I don't think it's possible to create something that isn't.”

The realization of EAST OF ANGEL TOWN began when Cincotti teamed up with noted producer and l4-time Grammy winner David Foster, producer Humberto Gatica, and producer/sound designer Jochem van der Saag. "We all worked so closely together every step of the way, and I feel lucky to have had such a tremendous team help me bring this album to life.” Cincotti also collaborated with award-winning lyricist John Bettis. “Writing with John has been such a special experience for me. He's been a partner on this record from the beginning and was the only collaborator I wanted to work with.”

EAST OF ANGEL TOWN's punchy, dynamic sound is simultaneously classic and modern. “This album is very much about the old and the new. Not only within the songs themselves, but also in the way we recorded them. I wanted to combine the classic way of live recording with the many elements of modern production.”

In a way, Cincotti has been combining the old and new ever since he burst onto the scene at age l9 when his debut album - filled with stellar interpretations of jazz standards - led him to become the youngest musician ever to claim the top spot on Billboard's Jazz chart. With his expressive voice, prodigious piano talent and understated charisma, Cincotti soon found his career in a whirlwind that included rapturous press (The New York Times called him "one of the most promising singer-pianists of the next generation").

And how would Peter Cincotti describe the theme of his new record - these brilliant observations and glimpses into the world around him, these stark portraits of unfinished lives? "Well, it's just that I'm always asking myself,” he says with a sly, mischievous grin- "What the hell's going on here?"

Whiskey Falls debut release!


"Last Train Running" One listen to the title track first single of Whiskey Falls’ forthcoming debut album is more than fair warning. At the same time, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Start with the vocals. Four-part harmony is there such thing as four-part lead? running from the first verse to the final chorus. Then there’s the song itself. Smartly crafted and emotionally mature. Somewhat surprising from a new band that writes all its own material.

The musicianship is world class. The arrangement, tighter than Tupperware. The production, well, let’s just say it more than measures up. Is it possible for a 14-month old band to have handled all those duties, too? Check, check and check.
So now we’re into full-on intrigue. Who are these guys? Where did they come from? And how in the world did they pop up out of nowhere with a crazy fresh sound that, at the same time, is as comfortable as an old pair of jeans? But before we get there, here’s the kicker: we’ve gotten this far down the road based on one song. One song! Wait ’til people get a load of the album.

The truth is, the guys in Whiskey Falls are almost as astonished by their music as are the music fans who are discovering it. “I’ve been brought to tears a few times on stage by just how special the music is, how amazing the harmonies are.”

That’s Seven Williams speaking. In your standard band configuration, Seven’s the guy who does all the talking. Lead singer, frontman, principle songwriter, et cetera. Except then you have Wally Brandt, who’s no slouch with the vocals and just happens to be second to none in the songwriting and musicianship departments.

Read more about Whiskey Falls...

Aspen, a new adult oriented rock band to know!


Aspen, is a driving, vocal intensive band that plays original Adult Orientated Rock. The band has shared the stage with with some of the best talent in America including Bruce Baum, Gary Sinise and the Lt Dan Band, Eddie Money, The Little River Band, Los Lobos, Venice, Dave Mason, Ambrosia, Gregg Rollie, Blues Traveler, Loverboy, Wayne Brady, Tim Allen, Drew Carey and many more. Aspen, is George Rangel on vocals and guitar, Lou Garcia on vocals and guitar, Daniel Rangel on drums, and Albert Shotwell on bass. The band has been together since the late 90’s and has gone from playing small coffee shops and bars to performing at great concert venues all over the place. Aspen has a very professional attitude and delivers a solid sound. The band has always received a positive response from the audience at hand and continues to receive great positive reviews from the media.

They recently recorded an album "Blue skies", now available to order.

Discover "Distorsion" by Stephane Dufour...


One of the most celebrated guitarists in Canada & Quebec, virtuoso of the cult instrument and backbone of rock, Stephane Dufour is a self taught Guitarist. Known for his wicked work as Lead Guitarist with the early 90's smash group Saints & Sinners, who sold 50,000 copies of their debut album in the 1st month.

Stephane shoulda won Guitar Rookie of the year, for His Fist Pumpin', Foot Stompin' massively electrifying grooves & riffs on the Saints & Sinners debut CD, His songwriting skills shine through on radio rockers like "Walk That Walk", "Shake", "Rip It Up", "Frankenstein", "We Belong" and the SMASH chart topping ballad "Takin' My Chances"...

Stephane went on to develop a musical union with Quebec superstar Éric Lapointe. This project provided the base for the collaboration that continues today. Dufour gave soul to the second Eric Lapointe album and was the producer of his three most recent, best selling releases with harder hitting guitars. This evolution in Dufour’s sound came from the opportunity to unleash his playing, songwriting and producing expertise on his own solo project, Distortion, aimed at music lovers as well as the hard-core guitar fans. This project, layered with feeling and superior craft, began the relationship with Lapointe’s record label and garnered a 2000 ADISQ nomination.

Apart from Dufour’s playing and producing, he is an accomplished songwriter – with his constant partner, Éric Lapointe as well as writing for other artists including: France D’Amour, Mélanie Renaud, Luce Dufault, Dubmatique, Garou, Mario Pelchat, Marc Dupré as well as movie soundtracks on “Les dangereux “starring some of Quebec s biggest comedy names and Les Boys I, II and III which were among the most successful movies ever in Quebec. Stephane has also collaborated on songs with renowned author Luc Plamondon.

From his basement in Montreal, Stephane has built himself a studio and produced some of Quebecs most successful songs and albums. From his first studio production of his own instrumental CD created with what he had in hand ex. Zoom, Roland D4 he managed to push the limits of these tools and develop a sound that started his trademark and eventually led to multiple successes and access to better tools. Stephane works to constantly upgrade his home studio to eventually build a fully equipped recording facility.

To order "Distorsion", visit Stephane's myspace page.