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"The long way round" by Remmelt, Muus & Femke


Hugo Remmelt, Thijs Muus & Femke Japing are singer/songwriters from The Hague, Holland. Due to their powerful vocal harmonies, their music is often compared with the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

In September 1995 (Hugo) Remmelt and (Thijs) Muus combined forces. After doing more than 500 gigs as a duo in pubs, youth centers, regional radio stations, on festivals and the bigger Dutch pop stages, the young lady singer Femke joined them in 2000.

Their debut CD, Hugo Remmelt & Thijs Muus (1999), has been awarded as best pop CD from The Hague. The following album, Bridging The Gap(2001) appeared in the Dutch charts and got very good reviews. One of the results of this success was a live performance on national television, where the group played their hit-single If We Should Fall. CD nr 3, The Long Way Round, broke all the records.

Singles Move On and Here Comes The Sun got a lot of airplay on many Dutch radio stations and very positive reviews in national but also international pop magazines and on music websites.

Remmelt, Muus & Femke often perform in small theaters, but also appeared on the Neil Young Fan Club Day in Holland and in Germany. On bigger stages, they played as support for bands/artists like Poco and Chris Isaak.


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