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Toto Falling In Between Live


The band Toto has released today in France and in a few European countries (Holland, Belgium...) their new double live album entitled "Falling In Between Live" (Eagle Records). The show was recorded during their last European tour, exactly at The Zenith, Paris on March 26, 2007. The double CD is quite excellent with 23 tunes includes the hits Africa, Hold The Line, Rosanna, I Will Remember...

The band is Steve Lukather (guitars, vocals), Simon Phillips (drums), Bobby Kimball (vocals), Greg Phillinganes (keys, vocals), Leland Sklar (bass guitar) and Tony Spinner (guitars, vocals).

You can listen sound clips title by title from "Falling In Between Live" at Toto 99 official website.

The DVD "Falling In Between Live" will be released worldwide in early 2008. To be followed...

Tracklist Toto ""Falling In Between Live":

CD One:
1. FALLING IN BETWEEN (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball and Greg Phillinganes)
2. KING OF THE WORLD (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather, and Greg Phillinganes)
3. PAMELA (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball)
4. BOTTOM OF YOUR SOUL (Lead Vocals: Steve Lukather, Bobby Kimball, and Tony Spinner)
5. CAUGHT IN THE BALANCE (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball)
6. DON'T CHAIN MY HEART (Lead Vocals: Steve Lukather)
7. HOLD THE LINE (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball)
8. STOP LOVING YOU (Lead Vocals: Tony Spinner)
9. I'LL BE OVER YOU Click to Listen (Lead Vocals: Steve Lukather)
10. CRUEL (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball)
11. GREG SOLO Click to Listen

CD Two:
1. ROSANNA (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball and Steve Lukather)
2. I'LL SUPPLY THE LOVE (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball)
3. ISOLATION (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball)
4. GIFT OF FAITH (Lead Vocals: Steve Lukather)
5. KINGDOM OF DESIRE (Lead Vocals: Steve Lukather)
9. TAINT YOUR WORLD (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball)
10. GYPSY TRAIN (Lead Vocals: Steve Lukather)
11. AFRICA (Lead Vocals: Greg Phillinganes)
12. DRAG HIM TO THE ROOF (Lead Vocals: Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather, Greg Phillinganes, and Tony Spinner)


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